Month: May 2021

Daughters Are Important Than Sons

10 Reasons Why Daughters Are Important Than Sons

There are discussions most often heard whether to have a daughter is good or to have a son is better. It is not in our hands to decide to have a daughter or a son. It is God’s given gift. Both the gender children have their strength and charm. There is a discussion around gender equality, […]

Fantastic Parents of Toddlers

4 Easy Ways to Be a Fantastic Parents of Toddlers

Parenting is always a joy and a huge responsibility. Taking care of a toddler needs very high level of energy and patience too. The entire routine changes. All the priorities circle around the toddler. You give up in your hobbies, your recreations. You spend very little time with your friends. Earlier if you took special […]

Right Dance Class for Your Child, Kids dance school

How to Choose the Right Dance Class for Your Child

Dance is one of the most preferred choices of activities amongst children. It is not just an art form but it is also an activity to keep your kid fit and healthy. If your child enjoys dance moves or loves to groove with the music then these are the best activity classes for toddlers. India is […]

Celebrate Holi with Your Baby, Toddlers

How to Celebrate Holi with Your Baby & Toddlers

With Holi around, you will see a festive mood everywhere. Holi is a very special festival and with your baby this year it becomes even more special. As a mother, you will think differently to celebrate this festival. If your baby is too small, then it is advised that you don’t involve your baby for the […]

Common Parenting Mistakes We Should Try to Avoid

10 Common Parenting Mistakes We Should Try to Avoid

Parents are often are concerned about their children. Parents want to give a good life to their children. They want their children to study well, be well-mannered and maintain discipline at home and outside. They expect their children to be self-motivated and be independent learners. There are some common mistakes parents make raising their children. They get […]

Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Awesome Summer Birthday Party Ideas to Surprise Your Kid

Summers are on and so is the creativity mode to throw the most amazing birthday party for your kid. In this post we have come up with the most innovative kids party ideas for boys and girls best suited for the season. With these summer birthday party ideas for children, you can definitely plan the most memorable […]

Healthy Indian Baby Food Ideas for 6 to 12 Months | Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Healthy Indian Baby Food Ideas for 6 to 12 Months | Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Babies are so gentle and cute. They need lot of attention and care in every aspect. The first 6 months baby is fed on breast milk of the mother. After six months solid food is introduced in small quantities. Mothers and elder ladies in the family take utmost care to prepare home cooked Indian baby food. They are very cautious […]

Better to have Siblings than to be an only child

5 Reasons : Why is it better to have Siblings than to be an only child

Children are God’s gift. Every couple would like to have a child. After their first child, they are usually in a dilemma if they should have a second child. In today’s modern world, both husband and wife are working and they don’t have the time to take care of their children. Another factor to think twice of […]

best books read during pregnancy for baby

10 Best Books to Read during Pregnancy for Healthy and Smart Baby

Books can be your best friends when you are alone. They will give you knowledge and time just flies. They are your best companions. Just relax in a chair and read a book. Reading a right kind of book during early days of pregnancy can actually help you to sail this wonderful journey of pregnancy easily. You […]

Common Illnesses, Kids Pick Up in School, Common Childhood Diseases

5 Most Common Childhood Illnesses & Diseases Kids Pick Up in School

Once your child starts going to the school, be prepared that just like other children, he might as well fall for common school illnesses. Every child brings along infectious diseases from school with changing season. School is an integral part of a child’s development. It is a place to study, to learn, to make friends. It […]