Food Item to Include in Diet for 7 Month Old Indian Baby

7 month old indian baby diet

Diet has an important role to play in a child’s life as the physical and mental development of a kid depends on what he is eating in the initial few years of his life. If your baby has turned 7 months old then it is the right time to introduce some solids in his diet to make it a more wholesome and nutritious meal for him as he is growing. You must combine the nurse feed or the bottle feed with solids. Remember that milk is still a very important part of his baby food at this age.

You will see that at the age of 7 months, you child becomes more active and participate. He has now learned to pick up objects and directs everything to his mouth. It is good time to introduce some finger food in his meals. It is a positive sign that your kid is ready to try some new foods and solids. Along with breastfeed, you can now start introducing some food supplements which include fruits and vegetables. This time you need to make sure that you don’t add any unhealthy items to his meals like biscuits or other snacks as they are not nutritious and they can also hamper his digestive system thereby troubling his bowel movements.

Meal Size of 7 Months Old Baby

A kid of this age can have 4-6 teaspoons of some solid food in his meal along with 500-600 ml of breast milk or formula milk. You need to make sure that the consistency of the food that you are giving to him is little thick.

Points to Keep in Mind While Feeding

  • Make sure that you feed him in seating position.
  • Give food that is filling and has strong flavors.
  • Start with single variety and check for 3 days to make sure that your child is not allergic to that particular food item.
  • Create a combination of all those grains which suit him.

List of Food Items for 7 Months Old Baby in India

Here are some of the options which mothers in India can include in the meals of their 7 months old children.

Indian Breads

You can feed your baby with bite sized pieces of Indian breads like parathas and chapattis. Seldom you can also try besan cheela and moong dal cheela.


You can offer different fruits to your kid and see how it goes. And later you can give them in combination.


You must introduce single veggies. Go for soft cooked veggies which have been cut into small dices to create interesting baby finger food. Carrot, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower are some of the choices. Once you know what all veggies suit your kid, you can create a combination.


To offer protein rich diet to your baby, you can offer him whole milk yogurt, fresh paneer and mild cheese. You can add some flavors of his choice to yogurt to make it a delicious meal for him. You can even cook pureed meats for him along with egg yolk. This will help him grow stronger.

Pureed Legumes

You can also include in his diet pureed legumes. Go for black beans, kidney beans, lentil and various other legumes in a pureed form to your baby.


Water is an essential part of the meal. It is important to keep your child’s body hydrated. You must feed your baby with water to keep him healthy and also ensure regular bowels. At this age, the kid should have at least 4 ounces of water. Include it in his day in planned intervals.

All these food items are good choices for including in the meal of a 7 months old child. You can plan his meals by creating combinations from the above mentioned items.

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