Month: June 2021

Food Item to Include in Diet for 7 Month Old Indian Baby

Diet has an important role to play in a child’s life as the physical and mental development of a kid depends on what he is eating in the initial few years of his life. If your baby has turned 7 months old then it is the right time to introduce some solids in his diet […]

How to Choose Perfect Clothes for your Baby

Mothers love to dress their cute little babies. Purchasing colorful, vibrant and smart clothes for your infant is something really very exciting. Parents want to make sure that they purchase the best clothing for their infant which is cute in appeal and also very comfortable for the baby. But in this excitement, it is important […]

First 24 Hours of Your Baby’s Life

When your baby is born after a long wait of nine months, it is the most special moment for every parent. Your newborn has just arrived and finally you are holding him in your arms. But when your baby enters the new world, there are so many things that you need to do to make […]

How to Manage Your Finance to Have Baby

When a couple wants to have a family then there are many things that they need to plan to make sure that they are able to give their baby a happy and secure life. Family planning involves financial planning so that you can thoroughly enjoy your parenthood. Having a baby is surely one of the […]

Complete Guide to Bottle Feeding Newborn

Whenever we talk about baby’s diet, breast milk is considered as the best choice. But as the baby grows, you are required to add some top feed to his diet and selecting cow’s milk based formula is the next best selection. You need to be really very cautious while selecting the brand. You can take recommendations […]

How Safe it is to Feed Cow’s Milk to Babies Less Than 1 Year?

Milk is the most important part of an infant’s diet. From birth till the six months, the best meal for them is the breast milk and the next best thing is the formula recommended by the doctor. But as the baby grows, you can introduce small amounts of cow milk along with some semi-solids between […]

Complete Hair Care Guide For Indian Babies

At the time of birth, some infants have soft and silky hair and some have no hair at all. Whatever is the case; these newborn hairs gradually fall in the first few months after the infant is born and then the new and fresh hair come up. The new growth is much better and has […]

Best Healthy Foods for Weight Gain in Babies & Children

Whenever you visit pediatrician, he always measures the height and weight of the baby in the initial years. This is because these are the two most important factors that reflect the overall health and development of a child. In the initial few months after the birth, weight and height change really fast thereby indicating how healthy […]

Teach Your Child Healthy Living Style for Better Growth

We have often heard our mothers saying that good habits should be inculcated in early ages as they stay for lifetime. Therefore, it is important to teach your toddler the right habits which will help him have healthier growth and development. Toddles need to consume a balanced diet which is rich in proteins and other […]

Best Guide on Feeding Bottles for Babies in India

When a baby is born, the complete focus of parents is on his growth and for healthy growth; food is the most essential thing. Therefore, it is very important for every parent in India and anywhere else to take into consideration the feeding bottles for babies to ensure that your baby enjoys a healthy and happy meal […]