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Does Healthy Baby Food Diet Really Work

Does Healthy Baby Food Diet Really Work

With the growing concern of overweight issue, people try to adopt any diet plan, which they seem can be effective in losing their weight. Some people also rely on slimming pills to cut down their fat; they believe the ways those products are advertised are true without checking the reality. What people need to understand […]

Food Item to Include in Diet for 7 Month Old Indian Baby

Diet has an important role to play in a child’s life as the physical and mental development of a kid depends on what he is eating in the initial few years of his life. If your baby has turned 7 months old then it is the right time to introduce some solids in his diet […]

Best Healthy Foods for Weight Gain in Babies & Children

Whenever you visit pediatrician, he always measures the height and weight of the baby in the initial years. This is because these are the two most important factors that reflect the overall health and development of a child. In the initial few months after the birth, weight and height change really fast thereby indicating how healthy […]

Toddlers Healthy Paratha, Paratha for Kids

Healthy & Delicious Paratha for Your Toddlers And Kids

Kids and toddlers love eating new delicacies and food items. Give a child the same food and he/she would get bored in few days and refrain from eating it. Quick and snacks foods like parathas are a favorite for any toddler. A paratha is both healthy and fills up the tummy of the kid well who otherwise […]

Healthy Indian Baby Food Ideas for 6 to 12 Months | Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Healthy Indian Baby Food Ideas for 6 to 12 Months | Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Babies are so gentle and cute. They need lot of attention and care in every aspect. The first 6 months baby is fed on breast milk of the mother. After six months solid food is introduced in small quantities. Mothers and elder ladies in the family take utmost care to prepare home cooked Indian baby food. They are very cautious […]