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Indian Food for Baby Diarrhea Loose Motion

What Indian Food to Give Baby for Diarrhea/Loose Motion

Babies are delicate blossoms, who have to be cuddled and nurtured with utmost care. Of course, they have lower immunity level leading to minor health issues. Loose motion is one such problem in toddlers, which leads to loss of excessive water in the body. Though, it stands as an ideal way of flushing out toxins from […]

Custom Made Birthday Cakes for Kids in Bangalore

The Finest Places to Order Custom Made Birthday Cakes for Kids in Bangalore

A birthday party is never complete without cake. Cakes make every special day all the more special. With time, even cakes have undergone various transformations. Starting from simple homemade sponge cakes to attractive designer customized cakes, perfect to suit your taste. These days kids want beautifully designed customized cakes on their birthdays. Bangalore offers various cake stores […]

Right Dance Class for Your Child, Kids dance school

How to Choose the Right Dance Class for Your Child

Dance is one of the most preferred choices of activities amongst children. It is not just an art form but it is also an activity to keep your kid fit and healthy. If your child enjoys dance moves or loves to groove with the music then these are the best activity classes for toddlers. India is […]