10 Reasons Why Daughters Are Important Than Sons

Daughters Are Important Than Sons

There are discussions most often heard whether to have a daughter is good or to have a son is better. It is not in our hands to decide to have a daughter or a son. It is God’s given gift. Both the gender children have their strength and charm. There is a discussion around gender equality, feminism and women oppression. This article should enlighten all the parents that daughters are equal to a son and they are not inferior.

A daughter is a priceless creation. She is a beautiful package of care, love, kindness, and thoughtfulness. She brings lot of joy and happiness in to her parent’s life from the time she is born. She becomes their hope for the future. She is sensitive yet strong and this quality makes her very unique.

1. Daughters are the charm of every family:

A daughter brings life in the family. A daughter is like a fragrance in the flower. She is like a pearl in an ocean. She brings happiness joy and pride to the family.

2. Daughters care a lot for the parents:

There is a saying that a “son is a son till he gets married. A daughter remain a daughter forever.” A son may take his wife and move away from his parents. A daughter will never forget her affection towards her parents. On the last few years of your life, you will see your daughter holding your hand and caring for you.

3. She is a binding force in the family:

A daughter is a beautiful binding knot in the family. It is natural to have quarrels and fights in the family. Your daughter will explain and resolve situations and enhance the bonds in the family. She will never let the family to break away.

4. You can count on your daughter

A daughter is very responsible and caring person. You can depend on her for every small thing. Your daughter will help her mom in the kitchen by cutting veggies, she can help her dad to find his misplaced wallet. She can be a teacher to her younger siblings by helping them to do their homework. The entire family can count on her and depend on her. She is such a sweet family member.

5. She can be crazy to bring excitement in the family

A daughter is a bundle of joy. She can be crazy and bring lot of excitement in the family. She can drape her mom’s dupatta as a saree, or wear her dad’s shirt getting drowned in it. She can use her aunt’s lipstick, and wear makeup in a funny way. She can dance crazy to the latest beat. She will always bring laughter and joy in the family. She will break the boredom and bring lot of excitement in the family.

6. Every day is a joyful day with her.

A daughter will bring joy every day in your life. She can ask you to dance with her by making girly moves. She may prepare something that you like very awfully but present me you very lovingly. She might ask you to get dirty with her in the garden watering the plants. But whatever she does, she will always give you joy and happiness.

7. She will always remember special occasion in the family.

A daughter will always remember special occasion in the family. She will remember each and every family member’s birthday, wedding anniversaries and special moments of your family. She will bake a cake herself and surprise you at 12 mid night. She will make you feel very special. Daughters are a bundle of joy and happiness. The spread happiness in the family, just the way candle gives light in a dark room.

8. She knows your favorite dish and cooks:

When your daughter learns to cook in her beginning days, she will learn what her parents like. Parents are the first guest for her. It could be a simple tea making, or a sandwich. She will feel extremely happy when her parents taste the first food prepared by her and compliment her. This motivates her to become a good cook. She will learn the best if he recipes and will please her parents.

9. Daughters love you unconditionally

A daughter will always have unconditional love for her parents. She does not expect property to be inherited, or richness to be given to her. She will always have genuine love for her parents. She will always be self-less and caring towards her parents. Daughters take care of parents with true love. Daughters are more caring than sonsDaughters are father’s pets. They always have a special place in dad’s heart.

10. A daughter will fill your heart with pride:

Your daughter will always strive to get you good name in the society. She can give the entire credit of her merit study on her convocation day. She can announce her parents name on annual day. She will give beat parents’ wishes cards to you remembering you on every success of hers.

Daughters are lovely creations of God. Please value them. They are no less than a son.

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