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5 Alternative Milks That Are Healthy Choices for Kids

In the last couple of years, all of have come across cases wherein children are diagnosed with milk allergies. Because they are born with lactose intolerance, they cannot afford to have cow’s milk which is considered to be the best choice for kids. In such cases, parents getting worried about what choice do they have […]

Teach Your Child to Value Money, kids tips

Easy Tricks and Tips to Help Teach Your Child Value Money

As parents, we have so much to teach our children but we cannot always teach them everything; and we can also not miss on teaching some very vital lessons which will make or break their lives. One such important thing that every parent must teach their kids is Value For Money. We want to buy the best of […]

Common Illnesses, Kids Pick Up in School, Common Childhood Diseases

5 Most Common Childhood Illnesses & Diseases Kids Pick Up in School

Once your child starts going to the school, be prepared that just like other children, he might as well fall for common school illnesses. Every child brings along infectious diseases from school with changing season. School is an integral part of a child’s development. It is a place to study, to learn, to make friends. It […]