How to Celebrate Holi with Your Baby & Toddlers

Celebrate Holi with Your Baby, Toddlers
Celebrate Holi with Baby

With Holi around, you will see a festive mood everywhere. Holi is a very special festival and with your baby this year it becomes even more special. As a mother, you will think differently to celebrate this festival. If your baby is too small, then it is advised that you don’t involve your baby for the celebration as the baby may not feel comfortable and start crying. You will have many questions in mind when you think of celebration as a mother with your new born.

Can my baby involve in Holi celebration?

1. The celebration of Holi depends on how old your baby is. If you baby is too small, then you will have to keep a focus on her feeding and sleep timings. Babies sleep for a lot of time all throughout the day. They may not be able to participate in in celebrations. Your baby may not be able to take the noise and the excitement of the festival. You may feed your baby, put her to sleep and then play Holi. Make sure you wash yourself properly when you feed the baby again.

2. Babies between 0-3 months are very excited seeing colors. They will enjoy seeing all the vibrant colors. They may get bored after sometime and start crying. You will have to feed them and put to sleep. Always keep checking the signs sent by your baby. Some babies will be delighted to see water being splashed, and colors being smeared on their parents faces. While the others may feel that their parents are being harmed.

3. Babies between 3-6 months will be delighted to see the vibrant colors. Keep observing your baby, if she shows signs if enough-no more, then you will have to pay attention to your baby to make her feel comfortable. If your baby is below 6 months if age, it is advised that you don’t apply colors on your baby’s sin. The colors may cause irritation and rashes on your baby’s skin.

4. The Pediatricians also suggest that babies younger than six months should not have the color applied directly on their skin. If you want your baby to participate in Holi celebrations, you can put sandal wood tikas on the forehead.

6. If your baby is over 6 months of age, then they will be very happy to participate in the celebration. Hey will enjoy all the fun, cheers and colors around. If your baby is old enough to play, then everyone will give her all the attention and will want to put colors on the face. Keep checking your baby’s comfort level while she is playing.

We are sharing a few tips for you to make this festival a special occasion for you and your baby to enjoy.

  • If your Holi celebrations are far away from your home, then you should plan your visit when your baby is well fed and when awake. She will make less fuss when she will meet new people when her basic needs are met.
  • In case you plan to celebrate at home, then your baby will feel more comfortable with familiar surroundings. You and your husband could take turns to see if the baby is comfortable, if she is dry, or needs attention for some reason.
  • Keep your baby away from colors, as she may accidentally or unintentionally touch and keep it in her eyes or in her mouth.
  • If friends and family want to apply color on her, ask them to just put a small tika on her cheek. This will avoid the color falling into her eyes.
  • You could allow your baby to play in a big tub full of water. It’s so much fun to splash and play in water.

What kind of colors are safe on our baby?

Babies have a very sensitive and delicate skin. Chemical colors are made of synthetic, industrial dyes or oxidized metals. There are no government regulations imposed on the quality of the manufactured colors. There is no methods to test whether all the ingredients mentioned are tested in the lab or not. We don’t know the reactions or harm that these chemicals cause. These synthetic colors may cause harm to your baby’s skin. They may cause allergies and irritate your baby. Be very cautious while using these colors on your baby.

Homemade colors with fruits or flowers are very safe and you can know which color they give also. For example, you can use turmeric powder for yellow color. You can use beetroot juice for deep red color. You can dry neem leaves and powder them to make green color. All these are very natural and absolutely safe on your baby’s skin.

Alternatively, if you do not have time to make at home, you can buy “organic” colors from a reputed store. But, please be sure of the reputation of the store and the ingredients used in the colors. You get natural or organic colors made from vegetable dyes or herbal dyes.

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