Month: May 2021

Teach Your Child to Value Money, kids tips

Easy Tricks and Tips to Help Teach Your Child Value Money

As parents, we have so much to teach our children but we cannot always teach them everything; and we can also not miss on teaching some very vital lessons which will make or break their lives. One such important thing that every parent must teach their kids is Value For Money. We want to buy the best of […]

Enjoy Eating at Restaurants With Kids and Toddler Meal Out

How to Enjoy a Meal Out with Your Toddler!

We all love dining out. It is all about enjoying the food you like and having a great time with your family or friends. But when we talk about eating out with your children then it turns out to be quite a different experience. All you focus is on toddler restaurant behavior. You are managing your kid as […]

Tips to Take Care of Newborn Baby, Child

8 Tips for Parents on Taking Care of Child When You are Sick

Kids fall sick every few months and it is an integral part of their growth process. But when parents fall sick, it is one difficult time for you and your child. Because you are not able to focus on your child, because you are unable to give him time, the probability of enjoying uncontrolled TV sessions, […]

Friendly Activities in Mumbai for Kids

5 Fun-filled Pocket-Friendly Activities in Mumbai to Try With Your Kids

Children desperately wait for the weekends because they want to explore some new place. If you are living in Mumbai and you cannot think of places beyond malls to take your children for recreation then you are seriously wrong!!! Mumbai offers some amazing places where you can take your kids and make it a fun-filled day for […]

Teaching Safety kids, baby safety

Teaching Safety: 5 Things Your Child Should Know by age 5

A growing child has to be taught a thousand things. As your kid grows, it is time for him to step out and head to kindergarten. But before that it is extremely important that you teach your child, five very basic and very vital safety things that prepare them well before they move out of the safe zone. […]

Kids and baby Safe School Bus

How Safe is Your Child on a School Bus?

Parents are always worried about their children, especially when they are small and they step out of the house. Their safety is always on the mind. We have come across various cases in which kids going to their schools in school bus met with some kind of an accident. Thankfully, not all these accidents are […]

Safe Packaged Food For Children

Tips on Choosing Safe Packaged Food For Children

Nothing beats the nutritious value of fresh home cooked food. But we cannot always keep our children away from packaged foods like ice creams, packaged milk, frozen yogurts and various other packaged foods which have become an integral part of our lifestyle. In this post, we have come up with a few good tips that are […]

Tips Baby Off Sucking Thumb

8 Effective Easy Tips That Help Wean Your Baby Off Sucking Thumb

Baby sucking their thumbs is quite a common practice, especially with toddlers and young kids. Though they find it very soothing but it is indeed a harmful practice. Children up to the age of 4 years are very commonly found sucking their thumbs but if this practice lasts beyond this age then it is surely a matter […]

Safe and Protected Summer Dressing Tips for Babies and kids

Summer Dressing Tips for Babies to Keep Them Safe and Protected

If you have given birth to a little in the scorching heat of summer then it is very important to take extra care of your baby. Her system is not equipped to adjust temperatures because of which you have to be extra careful when it comes to dressing your baby. Overdressing can cause rashes on her […]

Baby Happy And Cool This Summer

Keep Your Baby Cool and Happy in Summers with These 5 Tips

As the temperatures begin to rise, we all start losing our cool…… both mental and physical. This harsh heat is all the more challenging for the little babies and therefore, they need extra care to deal with this scorching heat.  It is extremely important to be careful with what your baby drinks or eats to keep his […]