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Tips to Take Care of Newborn Baby, Child

8 Tips for Parents on Taking Care of Child When You are Sick

Kids fall sick every few months and it is an integral part of their growth process. But when parents fall sick, it is one difficult time for you and your child. Because you are not able to focus on your child, because you are unable to give him time, the probability of enjoying uncontrolled TV sessions, […]

Non Parents Should Say To Their Children

5 Things Non Parents Should Say To Their Children

Parents sometimes end up saying things that they later regret. These words might come out of their mouth in the heat of the moment which are not just upsetting to them later but leave scars on the hearts of the little one for lifetime. It is not that parents intentionally want to say something bad […]

Daughters Are Important Than Sons

10 Reasons Why Daughters Are Important Than Sons

There are discussions most often heard whether to have a daughter is good or to have a son is better. It is not in our hands to decide to have a daughter or a son. It is God’s given gift. Both the gender children have their strength and charm. There is a discussion around gender equality, […]