Month: May 2021

parenting tips Help Teenager Parents

Helpful Parenting Tips to Help Teenager Parents Deal with Children

Teenage is always a tricky age. It is not only difficult for the children to deal with but also a challenge for parents. They have to be very watchful when it comes to dealing with their children who are in a very fragile state. They demand attention, advice, care and affection but not like a regular kid. […]

Baby Kids Rakhi Gift Ideas on Raksha Bandhan

Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Baby on Raksha Bandhan

With Raksha Bandhan almost there, preparations are already on the go!!! It is high time that you start picking Raksha Bandhan gifts for your brothers and sisters to make it the happiest time of the year. To make this task easier for you, we have come up with unique Rakhi gift ideas for little sisters and brothers […]

Non Parents Should Say To Their Children

5 Things Non Parents Should Say To Their Children

Parents sometimes end up saying things that they later regret. These words might come out of their mouth in the heat of the moment which are not just upsetting to them later but leave scars on the hearts of the little one for lifetime. It is not that parents intentionally want to say something bad […]

Kids Diwali Art, Children Craft Activities

Most Awesome Diwali Art and Craft Activities for Kids

Diwali is the most wonderful time of the year. It is the time when we all meet our families and friends and have cheerful times together. To make Diwali celebrations more engaging and memorable for kids, planning some interesting fun activities for them is a great idea. This would be a great way to disconnect them from […]

Toddlers Healthy Paratha, Paratha for Kids

Healthy & Delicious Paratha for Your Toddlers And Kids

Kids and toddlers love eating new delicacies and food items. Give a child the same food and he/she would get bored in few days and refrain from eating it. Quick and snacks foods like parathas are a favorite for any toddler. A paratha is both healthy and fills up the tummy of the kid well who otherwise […]

Indian Food for Baby Diarrhea Loose Motion

What Indian Food to Give Baby for Diarrhea/Loose Motion

Babies are delicate blossoms, who have to be cuddled and nurtured with utmost care. Of course, they have lower immunity level leading to minor health issues. Loose motion is one such problem in toddlers, which leads to loss of excessive water in the body. Though, it stands as an ideal way of flushing out toxins from […]

Health Benefits of Coconut Water for Kids and Babies

Health Benefits of Coconut Water for Kids and Babies

Everyone is aware of the fact that coconut is considered as the healthiest food because it carries necessary nutrients and vitamins in one place. As the main part known for healthy eating, the coconut water is said to be an ideal fluid laced with replenishing agents that have been famous since ancient times. When it comes […]

Indian wedding Dresses, Little Girls, Top Indian Designers, Kids wear clothes

Indian Wedding Dresses for Little Girls by Top Indian Designers

Wedding is one such lavish function in India that witnesses exotic celebrations with spectacularly designed dresses. Right from lehenga to saree to indo-western fusion dresses, weddings are an occasion to witness some of the smartest dress forms. Indeed, fashion has not just engulfed adults; rather, it has managed to create options for the kids to look really […]

Custom Made Birthday Cakes for Kids in Bangalore

The Finest Places to Order Custom Made Birthday Cakes for Kids in Bangalore

A birthday party is never complete without cake. Cakes make every special day all the more special. With time, even cakes have undergone various transformations. Starting from simple homemade sponge cakes to attractive designer customized cakes, perfect to suit your taste. These days kids want beautifully designed customized cakes on their birthdays. Bangalore offers various cake stores […]

Healthy Benefits of Eating Dates for Babies

What Are the Healthy Benefits of Eating Dates for Babies

Dates have lot of nutritional values which we are aware. They give us energy instantly. There are many vitamins, iron in dates. All of us know that dates are highly beneficial for our health. They relieve from digestive problems. Dates are also good for kids, toddlers and infants too. Include dates in their diet for health benefits. They […]