4 Easy Ways to Be a Fantastic Parents of Toddlers

Fantastic Parents of Toddlers

Parenting is always a joy and a huge responsibility. Taking care of a toddler needs very high level of energy and patience too. The entire routine changes. All the priorities circle around the toddler. You give up in your hobbies, your recreations. You spend very little time with your friends. Earlier if you took special interest in yourself to dress up and look good now it’s just a matter of minutes. You compromise on your sleep, and sometimes your toddler gets up earlier than you. You are most of the time a stressed out mom of a toddler. This forces you to get up along with her/him. If you have an understanding husband, who empathizes with your situation, then you are blessed. He will certainly understand why you are not giving enough time to him.

Many moms put their toddlers in day care. But if you have decided to take care all by you self, and not join your toddler in day care or a summer camp, it’s important to prioritize your day and time. If your toddler is a stay-at-your-home then you have to cope with a lot of craziness at home. Think what can be avoided in your daily activities, and what cannot be avoided. What is important and what is not important. In simple words prioritize! Here are some tips to all the parents of naughty toddlers.

Organize your day

Usually, when we have toddlers, the entire day is child-led. Take things in your control. Have a time table for your toddler. Wake you id at a particular time and same time every morning. Breakfast, bath, play, lunch, nap, evening play in the garden, snacks, dinner all well planned will help you to cope with madness at home. Your child also will get used to having things as per time table. Her biological clock will be set. This will help you to get away from the feeling of “I have no time for myself.”

Personal Time for Myself

Parenting cannot be done alone. Your kid needs every ones attention in the family. Instead of handling all the responsibilities by yourself, leave a few to your husband and to your in-laws. Gran parents will be delighted to play with their darling grandchild. You could possible ask your mother-in-law to assist you to give a bath or to fed the baby. You could ask your father-in-law to the baby for a play in a park nearby. This will give some personal space. You could take a nap, or read a novel. You could even go out and spend some time with your friends or spend some time in beauty parlor for personal grooming. This will help you to stop complaining that you have no time after the baby.

Cut Down on the DIY

If it is your first time baby then there is every chance that you get bitten by DIY bug. Wondering what is this DIY bug? It’s a do it yourself bug. You want to cook all the baby food all by yourself. You want to stitch your baby clothes and feel proud when your baby wears it. You want to keep your home spick and span. You want to clean and do all your kid’s routine by yourself. Most of the time you spend is in making things for your toddler than actually spending time with your kid. Pick one or two that you want to do it yourself. The rest buy from a store and let others help you is taking care of your baby. You will not be exhausted and will spend quality time with your baby.

Identify your Baby’s Needs

When you have friends or relatives having toddlers, it is common that they come with many suggestions. “Hey, u haven’t joined your kid is summer camp? There are excellent activities happening there”, “Why don’t you join your kid in music classes, they help in the mental growth of the kid”…these are very common comments and suggestions you hear from your near and dear. Discuss with your husband about what is really good for your kid and plan accordingly. Your kid is just a toddler. He/she will grow up very soon to fulfill all your dreams. Toddlers like unstructured games and routine in this age. Let them be them self and enjoy this phase of life. Don’t clog their routine with many activities, which will make their life boring. May be you can have one or two structured activities and leave the rest to the kid. Do not get carried away by what others tell you. Focus more on unstructured sensory activities that will keep you both enjoy each other’s company. Don’t jam his time table. He has his entire life before him to get into the rat-race.

Hope these tips are useful to handle your naughty bratty. Give time to yourself by planning your day well ahead. Importance of me time for moms has to well understand so that they are not exhausted and frustrated.

Happy parenting.

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