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Awesome Summer Birthday Party Ideas to Surprise Your Kid

Summers are on and so is the creativity mode to throw the most amazing birthday party for your kid. In this post we have come up with the most innovative kids party ideas for boys and girls best suited for the season. With these summer birthday party ideas for children, you can definitely plan the most memorable birthday bash for this year.  We have tried and included indoor birthday party ideas, easy kids birthday party ideas at home and inexpensive birthday party ideas to come up with varied kinds of kids birthday party themes to have a birthday full of entertaining activities fully loaded with fun.

So wait no longer and find out which one you are planning to pick for the next birthday celebrations of your little one.

Summer Beach Birthday Party Idea

Summer Beach Birthday Party Idea kids

Summers are incomplete without beaches and hosting a birthday party around this theme is very interesting. A birthday party with activities like collecting shells and making castles with sand can keep your guests entertained. Serve tender coconut water, fresh juices along with delicious finger foods and set the children free on the beach to have a fun time.

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Tea Party Theme for Girls Birthday Party

Tea Party Theme for Girls Birthday Party

Tea party theme is a unique kids birthday party idea at home. All you need to do is set up the table with chairs around it. Cover it up with a fancy table cover, place colorful table mats on it. Don’t forget to add vibrant floral centerpiece on the table. Get your hands on a tea set to suit the theme.  Cup cakes, muffins, cookies, tarts etc. would not just fit right on the menu but will be loved by the girls.

Ice Cream Birthday Party Theme

Ice Cream Birthday Party Theme children

Another thing that children love about summers is ice creams. This is quite an interesting and inexpensive birthday party idea. You can find various party supplies in the market around this concept which will make decorations a lot easier for you. Make sure you have lots of colorful ice creams on the menu to allure your guests. Serve them their favorite scoops and they will always remember this party all their lives.

Ninja Turtles Birthday Party

Ninja Turtles Birthday Party toddler

You can have a Ninja Turtle party planned for boys. Get them props to dress up like ninja and let them have a fun-filled party in your backyard. You can have a Ninja theme cake or cup cakes with Ninja icing on them. Boys are for sure going to enjoy this summer birthday party theme which allows them to fight and have fun!!!!

Outdoor Rainbow Art Birthday Party

Outdoor Rainbow Art Birthday Party kids

For a colorful summer birthday party, you can have an outdoor rainbow art birthday party. Birthday party activities with rainbow colored crafts will keep the guests engaged. This birthday party ideas for 11 year olds allow kids to sit at one place and create beautiful crafts. Get various craft things to let children bring out their creative skills and win prices.

Garden Birthday Party

Garden Birthday Party kids, baby

Kids birthday party ideas at home include garden birthday party as summers are perfect to host the celebrations in your garden. You can have simple floral and ribbon decorations for the day time party or lights if you are planning it at twilight. Keep it summery with fresh fruits, finger foods with dips, juices, ice creams and cupcakes. Make it a colorful birthday celebration by sprucing up your garden in a creative way.

Backyard Summer Camp Theme Birthday

Backyard Summer Camp Theme Birthday

Kids love summer camps and this is surely a fun-filled summer birthday party idea. You can have traditional games like tug-of-war, dance and music around the camp fire etc. Sandwiches and hot dogs with milk shakes are a good choice to have on the menu. Set up a camp, paint rocks, arrange for a hunt to keep them busy. Don’t forget to have customized printed camp hats to add more to the feel of camp.

Summer Bubble Birthday Party

Summer Bubble Birthday Party child

Children find bubbles mesmerizing. With a summer bubble birthday party, you cans surely have more fun. This is quite a playful theme for preschool children. All you need is a pool full of bubbles and bubble toys to keep them busy. Make sure that you have unlimited supply of bubble liquid to let kids fill your backyard with more and more bubbles.

Kids Luau Summer Birthday Party

Kids Luau Summer Birthday Party kids

This is another wonderful birthday party theme idea for summers. Add a Hawain touch to your kids’ birthday celebration by arranging your garden for an afternoon luau party. Go with inexpensive hula skirts to decorate the tables. Cuts outs of pine trees, pineapples and flowers will add on to the theme.

Summer Pool Theme Party

Summer Pool Theme Party childrens

If you wish then you can arrange a poolside party for your kid. Look for some amazingly creative, fun-filled water games to keep the kids busy. Include fresh juices, finger foods like fries and cutlets that are easy to eat.  A party loaded with water will always be remembered by your guests.

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