5 Reasons : Why is it better to have Siblings than to be an only child

Better to have Siblings than to be an only child

Children are God’s gift. Every couple would like to have a child. After their first child, they are usually in a dilemma if they should have a second child. In today’s modern world, both husband and wife are working and they don’t have the time to take care of their children. Another factor to think twice of having a second child is expenditure. Schooling has become very expensive. You are accustomed to buy one toy for your child, if you decide on having another, they you must buy two toys. But the flip side is, you will also see a beautiful bond between both the kids. You will see them playing together. You will see them hugging and sharing their toys.

Here are some reasons why you should think of having another child and give a sibling to your kid.

They learn to share

When you had your first baby, you must have noticed that your child is very possessive. Your child is possessive about you and all her/his toys. They refuse to share. They like to keep everything to themselves. But when they have a baby brother or a baby sister, they learn to share. They learn to share your love. They share their love for little one also. They share their toys and food too. When someone gives a chocolate, siblings share and eat. You will see a very beautiful bond building in the family.

Sibling Fights

Siblings fight, and they fight a lot. If it is two girls in the family, then there will be a lot of argument. If there are boys, then they will have physical fights. Sibling fights strengthen the bind between them. They might create chaos in the house for some time, but they resolve the issue they become best friends again.

Dividing the Responsibilities

When the kids grow up, the family responsibilities are split. They share work and responsibilities of the home as well as of parents. When they grow up, they understand the various responsibilities to be handled and they share the responsibilities. But if there is only one child, they he/she will be over burdened with work and responsibilities. He /she will have to take up all the work and responsibilities. It’s always nice to have a helping hand and a supportive shoulder.

Learn and Grow Together

Kids learn from each other. They learn quickly from elder brother or elder sister than from parents. Most of the time it’s the elder brother who teaches how to tie a shoe lace and elder sister teaches how to fold your bed sheet. No matter how many rules or dos and don’ts parents teach, children learn quickly from older sibling. They even help in doing homework. It’s not always the older one teaching the younger one, sometime the younger one also has something to impart.

Protective Bodyguard

The older siblings act like a personal bodyguard. Whether at play or in school, the siblings act as personal body guard for each other. They support each other while playing. They don’t let other school children bully them. They look for each other’s support in future even when they grow big. They will never tolerate when their sibling is looked down. Most of the time issues arising out of home are resolved without parents being involved.

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