5 Most Common Childhood Illnesses & Diseases Kids Pick Up in School

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Common Childhood Diseases

Once your child starts going to the school, be prepared that just like other children, he might as well fall for common school illnesses. Every child brings along infectious diseases from school with changing season. School is an integral part of a child’s development. It is a place to study, to learn, to make friends. It is also a place from where catch their childhood diseases. Therefore, as parents you must know about the common diseases kids catch in school so that you can take right preventive actions and save them from these harmful infections.

This post focuses on the 5 most common back to school illnesses that kids catch in their childhood.

Reasons for Catching Illnesses from School

There are various reasons because of which kids tend to catch up these high school ailments:

  • Some diseases are highly communicable

A few of these diseases are very highly communicable because of which small kids tend to fall for them. A sneeze, a cough is enough for them to get communicated to others.

  • Kids are low on immune system

Children have very low immunity as they are in their growing phase and because of this they end up falling for seasonal infections at school.

  • High Probability of Infections

We cannot deny that the probability of infections is pretty high in schools. There are lots of children and staff in the school and their interaction can lead to common childhood illnesses.

  • Different Levels of Hygiene

Not all children maintain good levels of hygiene because of which they end up falling for infections. And that’s the reason they end up passing these infections to other kids around them.

5 Common School Illnesses

Given below is a list of the most common 5 childhood diseases that hover on children. Knowing what these infectious diseases in schools are, you can always save your kids from them.

Common Cold

Common cold is one of the most common illness amongst children. The cause of this disease is rhinovirus. This is a small organism which enters the nose and throat and tends to multiply. When the immune system reacts to this growth, it leads to cough, sneezing, sore throats etc. Sometimes it even causes light fever or running nose.

Prevention Tips:

Here are some prevention tips to save your child from cold:

  • You can prevent this virus from spreading and multiplying by making your kid wash his or her hands properly before and after meals, when they come back come.
  • Ask them not to touch their eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Keep the diet of your kid healthy and wholesome. Include health nourishments in the diet.
  • Work on developing the stamina of your child by including exercise in the regime.


Pinworms is another very common disease seen amongst children. When you see your child scratching her bottom then chances are that she has developed pinworms. They are highly communicable and result when kids don’t maintain proper hygiene levels. A kid with pinworms when scratches her bottom and doesn’t wash her hands then she ends up passing the germs to other kids. And kids, if put these infectious hands in their mouth then they also end up catching this disease.

Prevention Tips:

Here are some prevention tips that can be helpful in saving your child from pinworms:

  • Train your child to always wash hands before the meal with soup to avoid any worms travelling down in the system.
  • Train your child to never put his hands in mouth
  • Maintain good hygiene levels of your child


This is another very common childhood diseases. It is caused by influenza virus. It is responsible for many deaths every year. Children often fall for this disease in school as it is very highly communicable. This is sometimes accompanied with sore throat or cough. Sometimes it gets even more severe and causes vomiting or diarrhea.

Prevention Tips:

Given below are some very useful preventive tips that are effective in keeping your kid safe from flu:

  • Always ask your kid to wash hands before having meal and after using the toilet.
  • Ask them to use napkins when they cough or sneeze
  • Ask them to wash hands after sneezing and coughing
  • Train them not share their cups or spoons with friends as school.

Strep Throat

Group A streptococcus is the bacteria behind this common school illness. This is a communicable disease at school as it spreads really very fast via airborne droplets as the person sneezes or coughs. It commonly transmits from one kid to another as they share their foods and drinks. In fact, touching objects touched by infected hands can also cause the infection.

Prevention Tips:

Read through the list of preventive tips which can help you save your child from strep throat:

  • Ask your child to wash his hands often, especially when one of the classmate is sick.
  • Train them to not share their food or drinks with anyone who has fever, problems like sneezing or coughing.
  • Make it a habit to have food after washing hands.


Also known as pinkeye, this is a commonly found high school ailments. In this disease, the eyes get affected. There is an infection which covers the white part of the eye ball along with the inner surface of the eyelid. It is not only a viral infection but it is also caused by other reasons like pollution, chemicals in cosmetics etc.

Prevention Tips:

Here are some of the prevention tips which can be kept in mind to save your child’s eyes from Pinkeye.

  • Prevent your child by keeping him away from people who are suffering from this disease
  • Always make him wash his hands before touching his eyes or mouth.

These are some of the most common illnesses picked up by kids in schools. Being aware and taking preventive actions against these common childhood diseases can help you keep your child safe and healthy.

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