Most Awesome Diwali Art and Craft Activities for Kids

Kids Diwali Art, Children Craft Activities
Kids Diwali Art and Activities

Diwali is the most wonderful time of the year. It is the time when we all meet our families and friends and have cheerful times together.

To make Diwali celebrations more engaging and memorable for kids, planning some interesting fun activities for them is a great idea. This would be a great way to disconnect them from their gadgets and involve them in something creative which can make their festive celebrations more awesome.

We have come up with a few such amazing Diwali art and craft activities to keep your children busy on this special occasion.

Diwali Greetings and Wishes

kids diwali greeting card, wishes

Gone are the days when we would send greetings on festivals to family and friends. You can bring the old days back by helping your kids create beautiful Diwali cards with lovely messages written on them. They can use their innovative ideas to come up with colors greetings to wish their teachers, uncles, aunts etc.

Culinary Art

kids diwali Culinary Art

If your kid enjoys cooking then you can always have him or her assist you with some cooking in the kitchen. Figure out simple things which you can teach your little one and have him or her cook with ease. Your child would be so happy serving that dish to the guests on Diwali.

Decorating Diyas

Diwali Decorating Diyas

Diwali is all about diyas. You would need loads of them. You can have your kid help you decorate these diyas with colors. This is another amazing art activity which is perfect for the occasion. Not only your child will learn how to do, what to do but he or she will also be able to help you in this creative activity.

Drawing Rangoli

Kids diwali Drawing Rangoli

Vibrant and vivacious rangoli designs are loved by all and if you have a little girl then this can be an interesting art activity for her. Get her some colorful powders and guide her how to go about it. Slowly, she will be able to pick up the style to create beautiful designs which will add on to the beauty of your house.

Wrapping Up Gifts

Kids diwali Wrapping Up Gifts

Exchanging gifts on Diwali is another ritual. You can have your children do the gift packing on this occasion. Give them wrapping papers, ribbons, flowers and other things to do beautiful packing. Guide them in this process and this art activity will be a wonderful learning experience for them.

Story Telling

Story Telling diwali children

There are quite a few mythological stories related with Diwali and other festivals that fall around it. You can use this occasion to tell these interesting stories to your children. This would help them connect with our culture and have a good story session, something that all children enjoy.

Setting Up The House

decorate houses on Diwali

We all decorate our houses on Diwali. And to do that, you can always ask for assistance from your children. You can guide them in setting up flowers in the vase, setting up the living room, arranging diyas in the verandah etc. These small activities will add on to the learning and will be good fun for children.

Do Some Writing

Kids poem Writing diwali

You can also motivate your kid to write a poem or an essay on the festival. This would be another good way of keeping the child busy in a constructive way. You would know that what all your kid knows about the festival and what more you can tell him or her.

Fancy Dress Competition

Kids diwali Fancy Dress Competition

Make this festive occasion more engaging for kids by organizing a fancy dress competition for them. You can invite your child’s friends or other kids in the family dressed in beautiful ethnic attires and give a prize to the best dressed kid. This would motivate the children to dress in something nice and unique for a memorable Diwali look.

These are a few Diwali craft and fun activities for kids which make the festival all the more engaging and fun-filled for children.

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