Healthy & Delicious Paratha for Your Toddlers And Kids

Toddlers Healthy Paratha, Paratha for Kids
Kids Healthy Paratha

Kids and toddlers love eating new delicacies and food items. Give a child the same food and he/she would get bored in few days and refrain from eating it. Quick and snacks foods like parathas are a favorite for any toddler. A paratha is both healthy and fills up the tummy of the kid well who otherwise don’t prefer lingering over the food plate for long. A kid hardly finishes the paratha in minutes. Snack it up with sauce or any other tasty add on and it will be finished in a few bites. There are different types of yummy parathas for children. Though most common is the aloo ka paratha, there are also different other items with which the mother can cook parathas for the toddler to make it tastier.

Aloo ka Paratha

Aloo ka Paratha for kids

Aloo is a wholesome food which fills up the tummy of the toddler soon. Kids usually don’t like lingering over the food plate for long, or don’t like eating at all to say the correct way. As such, an aloo ka paratha would finish up much faster and would fill up the stomach of the young kid. Easier to cook, aloo ka paratha is a favorable item for both the young and the old. One can give both aloo parathas for babies as well as aloo parathas for toddlers.

Methi/Bathu Paratha

Methi/Bathu Paratha Baby

When we talk about healthy parathas for children, Methi or Bathu paratha comes among the top of the list. Methi is a rich source of vitamins and essential minerals needed by the body. Methi parathas are soft parathas for babies and are much tastier when it is eaten with sauce and the kid would undoubtedly love it to the core. Methi also soothes the stomach from any gastric effects and is a good food for the kid.

Paneer Paratha

Paneer Paratha for kids

Paneer is loved by all, a rich product of milk and dairy which fills up the appetite. A paneer paratha is not only wholesome but it also gives the child the required calcium dosage regularly. The paneer can be grated or sliced in the paratha to give it an attractive look and to make the child want it more.  Mothers can check the different paneer paratha recipe for toddlers and give yummy paneer foods.

Green Peas Paratha

Green Peas Paratha baby

Green peas help the body increase immune to tackle any infectious diseases and illnesses. They are also a rich source of vitamin C and are tastier to eat. A toddler anyhow loves green peas- they eat it raw getting attracted by the small size and bright green color. Add green peas to the paratha and give it an attractive green look to indulge in.

Cauliflower Paratha

Kids Cauliflower Paratha , Nutritious Gobi Paratha

Everyone loves to eat cauliflower- the flower shaped vegetable being a rich source of minerals. It promotes the health of the heart making it strong and effective. In a growing child, the cauliflower acts as an additional boost to the system and also a tasty ingredient in the paratha. Mothers should include gobi paratha to give the essential minerals in the diet of the child.

Carrot Paratha

Carrot Paratha for kids

Carrots are the most crucial source of vitamin A. Doctors always recommends giving regular supply of carrots for their rich vitamins constituency. Children too love to eat carrots either as raw or in parathas. The rich orange color attracts any and every kid to take a bite of. Carrot parathas are undoubtedly a good snack for the growing child.

Mooli ka Paratha

Mooli ka Paratha Baby

A regular consumption of muli (radish) stimulate hair growth. Muli ka paratha is a common snack in most of regular households and a healthy parathas for toddlers. The mother can include the muli ka paratha with a tangy sauce to give it a different taste.

Egg Paratha

Egg Paratha kids baby

Eggs are crucial for any child. They should be eaten by the child regularly and every day- for the budding child they are an essential source of high protein and important than any other food. The mother can give a tasty egg tasty paratha for the toddler to gorge on tiffins as a lunch box special or as a breakfast snack. A child will surely love a egg paratha yummy tummy one.

Spinach Paratha

Spinach Paratha child

Spinach is a healthy leafy food and a source of folic acid and zinc. They are also much tastier due to their high flavor content. Spinach yummy parathas do many benefits for the Kids , Baby, children than one can think of. It should be given as a healthy snack for the child to munch on as a school lunch box in India.

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