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What Are the Healthy Benefits of Eating Dates for Babies

Dates have lot of nutritional values which we are aware. They give us energy instantly. There are many vitamins, iron in dates. All of us know that dates are highly beneficial for our health. They relieve from digestive problems. Dates are also good for kids, toddlers and infants too. Include dates in their diet for health benefits. They have easily absorbed fructose and dextrose which are necessary to give energy for babies.

When your baby turns six months, you should start introducing solid food. Like any other solid food, dates have to be introduced slowly to check how your baby’s body is responding and reacting to this dry fruit. This dry fruit has to be introduced along with other fruits. Many parents are not sure if they can include dates in baby diet. Doctors have given their opinion that dates can be given to babies soon after they are introduced to solid food after six months. Dates can be given in syrup form for babies. Dates can be given to infants to 1 year baby to toddlers.

Infants derive many health benefits by consuming dates. Some of the benefits are:

Rich in nutrients: Dates are high in vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are essential for your baby’s growth. The calcium present in dates is good for bone development. The potassium present is good for brain development.

Protection from intestinal disorders: Dates are very good in curing digestive and intestinal problems in infants. Frequent consumption of dates will cure digestive problems and intestinal disorders. They help in removing parasites in intestines and help in the growth of good bacteria for digestion.

Cure for gastric ulcers: Some babies have ulcers in their tummy. Apart from the medication given by the doctor, dates will help to reduce ulcers.

Stronger Teeth: Consumption of ripened dates help in developing strong teeth in infants. This is because dates have high calcium content. By chewing dates, gums become stronger.

Protection of Liver: Babies fall sick very soon because of lack of immunity. Common illness are jaundice, viral and bacterial attack, typhoid, hepatitis etc are a few to name. Dates have a property to protect liver and cure these infections in liver.

Cure for Dysentery: Infection in large intestines causes dysentery in babies. The sweet pulp of dates help to cure dysentery.

Controls Constipation: Dates have lot of dietary fiber. This fiber helps to add bulk to stools and smoother bowl movement.

Relief from Fever: Babies get fever due to infections. They feel very uncomfortable when they have fever. Their body temperature increases when they have fever. By making the baby eat dates, their body temperature gets regularized. The discomfort caused due to fever is reduced.

Under Weight Issues: Babies generally don’t at well. They become under nourished and under-weight. Give dates along with mil every day. You will see substantial results very soon.

Overall Health Improvement: Dates have many health benefits. Regular consumption of dates will improve overall health if the baby. Dates have fructose and dextrose which is easily digestible. They are good substitutes for sugars which have harmful effects on a baby.

While feeding babies with dates, some precautions have to be followed.

  • You can start adding dates to baby food after you star with solid food. Start with small quantity so that baby’s body adjusts to new food.
  • Watch out if any allergies arise by feeding small quantity of dates. In case of any allergies, stop feeding dates to the baby.
  • Use only ripen dates for baby consumption. Unripe dates contain tannins which is not good for the baby.
  • Start with one date, by steaming the date. Use seedless or make sure to remove the date. Do not boil the date as it will wash the nutrients.
  • Steam and mash date well and then feed the baby. Start giving dates, when the baby is ready to chew and eat. This will strengthen the gums and will help in easy teething.
  • Most importantly, consultant a paediatrition before starting any new food.
  • Dates can be complimented with another fruit and given to the baby. But in case you want to check on allergies start during snack time by beginning one date.

Apart from above precautions, keep in mind to buy good quality dates as dates do not have any external skin to protect them. You should clean and wash dates before making your baby consume it. You can start giving dates in different forms like mashed, boiled and as the kid grows older you can try giving raw dates. You can add dates syrup to milk and give you your baby. Dates will keep skin and hair also very healthy. It will supply adequate iron to babies. Try creatively and make different recipes of dates to your kid.


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