Complete Hair Care Guide For Indian Babies

At the time of birth, some infants have soft and silky hair and some have no hair at all. Whatever is the case; these newborn hairs gradually fall in the first few months after the infant is born and then the new and fresh hair come up. The new growth is much better and has […]

Best Healthy Foods for Weight Gain in Babies & Children

Whenever you visit pediatrician, he always measures the height and weight of the baby in the initial years. This is because these are the two most important factors that reflect the overall health and development of a child. In the initial few months after the birth, weight and height change really fast thereby indicating how healthy […]

Teach Your Child Healthy Living Style for Better Growth

We have often heard our mothers saying that good habits should be inculcated in early ages as they stay for lifetime. Therefore, it is important to teach your toddler the right habits which will help him have healthier growth and development. Toddles need to consume a balanced diet which is rich in proteins and other […]

Best Guide on Feeding Bottles for Babies in India

When a baby is born, the complete focus of parents is on his growth and for healthy growth; food is the most essential thing. Therefore, it is very important for every parent in India and anywhere else to take into consideration the feeding bottles for babies to ensure that your baby enjoys a healthy and happy meal […]

Amazing Kids Bath Toys Storage Options in India

Kids enjoy their bath sessions more when they have their favorite colorful toys with them. Markets are loaded with fun bath toys for babies in India but to keep your bathroom space tidy and organized, you must store them using the right storage options which keep them properly placed. Read this post and enlightened yourself […]

Tips on Choosing Best Baby Bib for Your Kid

Feeding a baby is a task, or to be more specific, it is messy task. Bibs are a must for every kid to save their clothes during the meal time. Though it is quite surprising that how creatively they end up having food all over them. This post talks about some useful tips for choosing […]

5 Important Things To Do When Your Child Starts to Read

Reading is a slow process and it has to be inculcated. To develop reading amongst children, you have to put in efforts to make them read and then nurture this habit. If your kid is big enough to read words and understand sentences, it doesn’t mean that to inculcate this habit, you are going to […]

4 Behavioral Tips for Parents Who Don’t Like Their Kid’s Friends

We all know how important a company is for our growth, liking and disliking. When we were kids, our performance in the class would be influenced by our group of friends. And now at this stage when we ourselves have become parents, we know how important it is for our children to have friends who […]

6 Useful Tips on Keeping Your Children Away from Watching TV

Every parent looks out for ways to keep their children away from TV. These days no kid wants to go out and play and wants to sit home and watch some cartoon or movie or sometime else on TV. It is a sad thing but most of our kids have become TV addicts. They want […]

5 Simple Tips for parents to Help Your Child Select The Right Stream

One of the most difficult times as parents are helping your children select the right stream in school. This is the toughest time as you have to work hard to bring clarity in what your child wants to study, what he wants to become in life and what are his areas of interest. Not only […]