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Best Guide on Feeding Bottles for Babies in India

When a baby is born, the complete focus of parents is on his growth and for healthy growth; food is the most essential thing. Therefore, it is very important for every parent in India and anywhere else to take into consideration the feeding bottles for babies to ensure that your baby enjoys a healthy and happy meal without any discomfort.

This post is a comprehensive guide providing all the necessary information for parents in India about baby bottles. So if you are planning to buy one for you infant, take some time out and read these points.

Types of Baby Bottles

When we talk about feeding bottles, here are some of the most popular choices available in the market.

1. Straight Neck Feeding Bottle

These are the standard bottles for feeding babies which are available at every store. This is the most common selling pattern which is widely used. It is simple in design which makes it easier to clean. It doesn’t come with any additional features and sometimes the baby ends up swallowing air as he feeds.

2. Wide Neck Feeding Bottle

The opening and the nipple are wider as compared to the former pattern. It is designed keeping in mind the design of mother’s nipple thereby leaving no room for nipple confusion. It is ideal for the mothers who wish to switch between bottle feedings and breast feeding. It is easy to clean. It is a little more expensive but surely a great choice.

3. Angle Neck Baby Bottle

This is also known as angled bottle because it comes with a bend in the neck. This prevents baby from swallowing air. The shape makes it easier to help and ensures a semi-upright position for the baby which prevents ear infections. It is a little difficult to clean because of its shape and you may not find it at any store.

4. Natural Flow Baby Bottle

This is also known as vented feeding bottle or anti-colic bottle as it prevents air bubble from getting trapped in the nipple or getting mixed with the milk. If the baby suffers from gas or colic then it is the perfect choice. It is a little more difficult to clean because of extra piece and you will have to spend a little more on buying this one.

5. Disposable Bottles

If you are traveling then cleaning and sterilizing the bottle is not possible. In such a scenario, disposable bottles are an intelligent choice. You can simply discard then once you are done with feeding.

  • Disposable Baby Bottles: It is a pre-sterilized bottle with a nipple ad lid. Use it and throw it.
  • Disposable Liner Baby Bottles: They come with plastic pouches inside the bottle. Milk doesn’t come in contact with the walls of the bottle. They are cheaper and liner can be disposed of after the meal.

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Buy the Best Bottle

Here are some of the very important points which must be considered while buying the best bottle for your baby.

1. Bottle Material

Glass: These bottles are back in demand. It is surely the best choice for your child. They are recyclable, easy to clean, chemical free and long lasting. You can sterilize them with complete ease. But they are a little expensive and can break. You can use them longer, if you take proper care.

Plastic: This is a cheap option which is also very durable. You must go with BPA free plastic bottles as it is unhealthy for the child. It absorbs odors and on repeated boiling in water, it can break. It is not a good choice for your baby and must be avoided.

Stainless Steel: This is another material which is not so popular because it makes measuring difficult as it is opaque. It is also very expensive. Nevertheless, it is very easy to clean and is almost unbreakable. It doesn’t get scratches which is another advantage.

2. Bottle Sizes

There are two sizes available in Indian markets.

  • Small which can contain 4-5 ounces of milk. It is ideal for infants and for babies with small tummy.
  • Large which can contain 8-10 ounces of milk. It is a good choice for older babies.

Buy the Best Nipple

Nipple is as important as the body of the bottle. Here are a few points which must be taken into account.

  1. Nipple Material

The Indian markets offer the following choices of nipples:

  • Latex Nipple: It is soft nipple which mimics the natural one. It comes in a light brown opaque color. They are inexpensive and wear faster. Some babies are allergic to latex.
  • Silicone Nipple: It is flexible and firm. It lasts four times than a latex nipple. It is much safer to use and doesn’t cause any allergy.
  1. Nipple Shape

This is another point to take into account:

  • Standard Round: Most widely used and cheaply priced option which is nearly perfect.
  • Orthodontic: It is asymmetric in shape with an angled top. It adjusts comfortably on the baby gum and palate. It is expensive and not easily available.

So now you have enough knowledge for purchasing a good feeding bottle for your child.


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