Tips on Choosing Best Baby Bib for Your Kid

Feeding a baby is a task, or to be more specific, it is messy task. Bibs are a must for every kid to save their clothes during the meal time. Though it is quite surprising that how creatively they end up having food all over them.

This post talks about some useful tips for choosing the best bib for your child in India. Read on to find everything that you need to know about buying bibs for your kid and save his clothes.

Importance of Baby Bib

A bib cannot prevent the mess but it can act as a layer of protection. It keeps his clothes safe so that you don’t have to keep washing them every now and then. All you need to do is remove and bib and clean it. No hassles of changing his into fresh clothes and washing the dirty ones after every meal. Surely a big savior!!!!

Various Kinds of Bibs in Indian Markets

Let us have a look at various options available in the markets in India which keep you baby safe from mess.

Feeding Bibs

These are used at the feeding time. Since it is quite messy to feed a baby, you need to put it around his neck to cover him properly. They are quite large in size and act a wonderful protection layer. Some of these come with a pocket which is designed with an intention to catch food from falling. This pattern ensures a clean table and floor.

Drool Bibs

Some babies drool and to protect their clothing, they are made to wear drool bibs which are much smaller in size so that the baby can wear them throughout the day and doesn’t get tangled. This way it protects the clothes from getting soaked up with dribble.

Bibs with Long Sleeves

If you think your baby needs a much larger thing to cover him during feeds then you can go with the long sleeves big which cover his arms and upper part of his body thereby keeping him completely safe and clean. It is an open back which makes it easier for you to remove the messy big without any discomfort.

Tips While Buying Bibs for Kids

Make sure you keep all the points mentioned below in mind while buying bib for your child.

Go for Easy to Clean Bibs

It is very important that you buy a bib which is easy to clean. There are all kinds of bibs available in the market which ensures ease of cleaning no matter how dirty they get. Some of the options of cleaning the bib include simple wipe down, machine wash or hand wash. The best thing to do is to follow the instructions given on the bib for cleaning.

Go with the Right Fit

It is good to go with a bib with snug fit. Any bib that is tightly fitted on the baby’s neck is very difficult to remove it. And if you go with a loosely fitted bib then it is no good protection to your baby’s clothing as all the food is going to slid through the loose fit on to his clothes thereby spoiling it all. So check the fit before you buy the bib to ensure right fit.

Easy to Fold and Carry

Bibs are a very important part of the diaper bag. They are not just needed when you are at home but they are also required when you are going out. And to be able to pack it comfortably in your bag, make sure that you pick a piece that can be easily folded. Do not go with a piece that requires too much of space in the bag as it is very inconvenient.

Do Not Miss on Baby Comfort

You must not forget that bibs should be very comfortable. When you are feeding your baby, you have to deal with all the drama and tantrums and if there is bib which is bothering your kid then all the focus from the food is going to shift on to the bib because he is just not comfortable wearing it. There can be various reasons for this. It could be that it is very tight on his neck which is causing discomfort. It could also be that it has an irritating neckline which is distracting him and he wants to have it removed. It can also be that it is hurting his skin.

Go for a Likable Piece

You must find out what your baby likes and then purchase a bib which has his favorite cartoon or superhero on it. Go for a color of his choice. Make sure it matches his bowl and spoon. You will have to be creative in making his meal sessions colorful and playful so that he is happy when he is eating.

Now you have complete knowledge of bibs, their styles, their use and everything else that is important to bring clarity in your purchasing. So just pick the best one keeping the above mentioned points in mind.

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