Amazing Kids Bath Toys Storage Options in India

Kids enjoy their bath sessions more when they have their favorite colorful toys with them. Markets are loaded with fun bath toys for babies in India but to keep your bathroom space tidy and organized, you must store them using the right storage options which keep them properly placed.

Read this post and enlightened yourself about the wonderful bath toys storage options in India which you were not aware of. Each is better than the rest. So let us find out.

Utility of Bath Toy Storage

Let us first know why baby bath toy storage is essential. Bath toys are a big savior for the parents because they make bath sessions entertaining for children. Babies don’t get cranky as they can play with their toys. But these things should stay in bathroom only so that you can have an easy access and they can dry out after the session is over. You cannot afford to take these wet toys to your bedroom for sure.

Storing them in a regular bucket or box is not a great idea because all the water will get collected in them thereby spoiling them. You must have a handy place where you can place them and there is enough ventilation to keep them dry.

Different Bath Toy Storage Options in India

There are quite a lot of choices for buying such storage options. This article will unfold each one of them one by one so that you can select the one which suits your needs the best.

Storage Net

This storage net is made using a net that is similar to fishing net. Some come with loose net style and some with smaller holes. You can place the wet toys in this net which can be placed on a tiled wall and due to the weave, all the extra water drains out and air circulation dries them within no time. This is one of the simplest choices to make.

Scoop and Store

Once your baby is done bathing, use the scoop to easily collect all the toys from water. You can then place it on a mounted base station or on the tiled wall with the help of suction cup. This way you are using the scoop as the storage which allows the water to drain thereby keeping the toys dry. You don’t need to spend even one extra second collecting the toys. Just scoop it!!!!

Bathtub Mounted Storage

You can go with a bathtub mounted storage which can be placed on the boundary of the bath tub. It’s comfortable and easily accessible location makes it easier for the child to take his toys out and place them back when he is done. All you need to do is train your little one. It comes with an adjustable clamp which makes it easier for you to mount on the tub.

Bath Toy Storage Basket

It is another very simple and sorted concept. You can go with a basket which comes with holes that allow water to drain. There are baskets which can be mounted on wall and there are some which you can put on floor. They are not preferred by parents because they don’t allow easy air ventilation because of which toys take longer to dry.

Tips on Buying Bath Toy Storage

Let us have a quick look at some very important points which must be kept in mind while purchasing such storage:


It is important to look into the storage capacity to know how many toys it can hold. Therefore, before buying any such piece make sure that you have a fair idea of the space the toys of your baby will need for a comfortable placement.

Air Ventilation and Drainage

It is essential that the storage you are selecting allows the toys to dry faster. The base should have small holes which allow water to drain fastest. There has to be free air ventilation in the body of the storage which allows quick drying. This is one of the most important features which cannot be neglected at any cost otherwise the toys will remain wet and will finally get damaged.

Ease of Keeping and Removing Toys

You must also take into account the ease of placing and removing toys in the storage. Sometimes toys get stuck in the net. Do not go with anything that can cause problem in usage which will actually be very frustrating for you and your baby because some toy is stuck in the base.

Texture of Bathroom Tiles

This is another thing that you need to look into if you are planning to buy a piece with suction cup. If you have porous or textured tiles then you will not be able to place storage with suction cup on them as they only stick to flat tiles that are smooth to touch and shiny in appeal. So before going to the market, just touch the tiles and know the texture.

Now you have understood the essential points to keep in mind and the options available in the market which prove to be wonderful storage options for you. Head to the market with greater confidence and pick the best piece.

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