Teach Your Child Healthy Living Style for Better Growth

Child Healthy for Better Growth

We have often heard our mothers saying that good habits should be inculcated in early ages as they stay for lifetime. Therefore, it is important to teach your toddler the right habits which will help him have healthier growth and development. Toddles need to consume a balanced diet which is rich in proteins and other nutrients which are essential for his physical and mental development. It is essential for a mother to make sure that his child consumes a diet which contains variety of foods in combination to keep him healthy. By doing so, you are actually making him eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits which are also very much helpful in developing his liking towards everything so that he doesn’t miss on anything. The first two years of a baby’s life play a significant role in designing his food preferences.

Not all toddlers are very easy to deal with when it comes to vegetables and fruits. If your child enjoys fruits then make sure that add some seasonal fruits to his diet on regular basis. If your baby doesn’t enjoy vegetables then you can make interesting finger foods using the veggies. You can also smartly add them to some of the foods that he enjoys. Make sure you feed him all the variety to ensure that his body is getting all the nutrients essential for his development. And remember, he will have food in small quantities so don’t serve him too much at a time.

Food Diet For Toddlers

Here is a list of food items which will help you design a wholesome meal for your child.

Fruits and Vegetables

They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. You can feed your baby with fruits in between two meals and cook them simple yet tasty veggies for lunch and dinner.


They are the best source of proteins especially for vegetarians. You can include all the pulses along with channa, rajma, lobia in your toddler’s meals either in form of salads or in form of simple dals with rice.

Milk and Milk Products

Milk is the best source of calcium. It is surely the most important part of your child’s diet. You can also include other things like curd, paneer, butter milk etc. in his meals depending upon his choice and the season.


Once your baby has started consuming the regular food like adults, it is essential that you make him have good amount of water on regular basis to keep his digestion in place and to keep his bowels regular.

Non- Vegetarian Food

If you want then you include in his meals eggs, fish, meat etc. as they all are rich in proteins and minerals and are very helpful in development of his body.

Just having a diet chart is not important, as a mother you will have to make all possible efforts to feed him with these different varieties. You will have to teach him how to eat and help him develop good eating practices which will form an important part of his life. Be patient as every child learns at his own pace. Do not get irritated or worried if he is not eating as expected. Just give him time and he will learn it all.

Lifestyle Lessons for Kids

Once your baby has become 3-4 years old, it is time that you teach him all the mundane activities. You will have to train him in basics of self care which include simple things like brushing teeth, washing their hands, using toilets, dressing up etc. Let us have a quick look at all these activities.


This is the most basic thing that you must teach your child. Once he is three years old, he can comfortably use the toothbrush. You can guide him the right way of doing it. Also make sure that he brushes his teeth every night before going to bed.

Toilet Manners

Once your baby is a year old, he is big enough to feel the wetness of his diaper. Once he is able to pull up and down his pants, it is time that he can sense that he needs to go to the toilet. Gradually, you can train him using toilet like sitting on commode, using the flush as he grows up.


Make sure you bath him daily. Make it interesting and entertaining so that he enjoys it and learns it too.

Washing Hands

It is very important to teach your kid to wash hands at the earliest levels, especially before and after food and using toilet.

Wearing Clothes

Once he is around two years of age, he can learn to put on a shirt and remove his shoes. Make him learn more things with time.


At the age of around two years, a kid can manage to remove his clothes.

Just be patient and motivating and he will be able to learn everything on his own. Remember, children learn fast.

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