4 Behavioral Tips for Parents Who Don’t Like Their Kid’s Friends

We all know how important a company is for our growth, liking and disliking. When we were kids, our performance in the class would be influenced by our group of friends. And now at this stage when we ourselves have become parents, we know how important it is for our children to have friends who are good at studies, sports and manners. And for sure, we don’t want our kids to be friends with children who don’t study or are mischievous.

It is quite normal for you not to like all of your kids’ friends. You may not like his attitude or sense of dressing or behavior. But despite all the reasons, you cannot express it because the boy you don’t like, your child loves him. This article unfolds 4 important behavioral tips for the parents who do not like their kid’s friends. These tips are quite useful and can make a big difference.

Be Clear in Your Head

You must think and look for a reasonable reason because of which you don’t like a particular friend of your child. Kids make friends with anyone and everyone depending upon whom they like and you cannot expect them to follow a set of rules. You cannot even expect them to seek your approval before becoming pals. You need to have a strong and reasonable reason to tell your child, if you don’t want him to hang with someone you don’t like. You cannot give your prejudices to him in legacy. And if you have a very strong reason that he is going to be a bad influence on your child because of his behavioral issues, for instance, then you can always explain it to your kid.

Terms and Conditions Apply

If your child is very fond of someone and is not ready to let go of the association completely then in such a situation, setting up some conditions can be of great help. For example, you can allow them both to play at your own house and not at “his” house as this will give you more authority to monitor that everything is going right. This way you will be able to keep a check on your child which will surely keep you at peace. Another condition could be allowing them to play just once a week or so.

Saying “NO” Doesn’t Help

If you think that if you will tell your child a NO, he is going to listen to you then you are sadly mistaken. This kind of approach is a complete failure. Instead, you must sit with them and talk to him about why this friend is a bad company for him. You need to talk to him and highlight reasons that what makes you worried about their association. When you give reasons to your child, he will surely be able to understand you better compared with a simple NO. Also help him become friends with new children as this will help him have more friends.

Know Well Before Concluding

We all are humans and we all have the tendency to frame an opinion about someone based on very little information. You must make sure that the bad impressions you have of a particular child are correct. For this, you must invite the kid to your place and spend some time with him. You must know him better in order to reach to a conclusion. Having more information will help you have a clear picture about that kid’s behavior and habits.

You have to be very careful in dealing with your child because kids are very attached with their friends and you must make sure that you handle the situation right so that your child and his friendship, both don’t suffer.

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