Complete Hair Care Guide For Indian Babies

At the time of birth, some infants have soft and silky hair and some have no hair at all. Whatever is the case; these newborn hairs gradually fall in the first few months after the infant is born and then the new and fresh hair come up. The new growth is much better and has a pattern which is otherwise missing at the time of birth. There is surely no reason for the parents to worry if their newborn child doesn’t have much hair compared to other kids of their age. With right hair care, you can ensure proper growth and quality for your child.

The purpose to writing this letter is to bring complete information related with baby hair care in a concise form. There is all the information that you will need to make sure that your kid has healthy hair.

Time for Hair Growth for Babies

When the baby is inside the womb, it is then he starts to have hair growth. In the 14th week of pregnancy, there is a development of layer of lanugo. It is a very soft layer of fine hair which begins on the face and then spreads on his body. By the 30th week, there is hair growth on the scalp. And once the baby is born, he either had immediate hair growth once he has lost the newborn hair or he may stay bald for few months and then have fresh growth. Likewise, some kids are born bald and they have growth of hair once they have entered the second year. There are different unusual patterns. In India, most of the parents get the head of their infants shaved for better hair. It is believed that shaving of hair results in thicker and healthier hair.

Babies Hair Care Tips

It is important for parents to take care of their baby’s hair. Some kids don’t like their hair to be combed or to be washed but then they need to be trained to comb them and wash them by teaching them the importance of clean scalp. Here are some very useful tips that you must keep in mind:

Have a Separate Baby Comb

Go for a separate baby comb for your kid. Go for the one with soft bristles and use it just for him.

Reduce Discomfort

Make hair wash comfortable for the child by easing out tangles before hair wash so that it doesn’t hurt him. Use your fingers to gently entangle his hair.

Take Care of Soft Spot

When a baby is born, he has a soft spot in the center. Make sure you do not exert any pressure on it. Handle his head with extreme care.

Oil Before Shampoo

It is important to apply little oil to his hair before washing. This will keep them soft and also ease the tangles without any discomfort.

Go for Gentle Shampoo

Infant’s hairs are delicate so make sure that you select a soothing shampoo which doesn’t hurt his eyes. There are various brands in the market, pick the one which is mild.

What’s The Right Time to Shampoo?

Babies don’t need regular shampooing like adults. They stay home, away from dust and pollution so their hairs don’t get dirty that easily. For the first six months, their scalp doesn’t produce any oil which again keeps their hair clean. In the start, you can shampoo his hair once in a week and then you can gradually make it twice a week depending how often his scalp gets dirty and needs a shampoo wash. Do not use it too often as it is not good.

Tips on Combing Baby Hair

We all know how delicate, soft and fragile are baby hair. Parents need to be really very careful. Here are some tips:

  • Use a soft brush or a wide toothed comb after hair wash to entangle his hair. You can also use your fingers in the start and then use the comb.
  • Comb his hair with soft brush regularly to prevent a flaky scalp. Use it even when you have not washed his hair.
  • If your child has good hair then you can use a comb.
  • Comb his hair from roots to ends in a gentle and smooth manner.
  • Start combing from back and then come on the front.

What is Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap is a very common condition which doesn’t harm the baby. It is a situation in which the infant has red or flaky skin on the scalp but it doesn’t cause any itching or discomfort. Don’t get bothered as it will go off with time. If you want to treat it then you can apply some olive oil on his scalp and allow it get absorbed for a few hours then rub that area using a soft brush in circular motion. There is no problem in washing this area. Use a mild baby shampoo to clean it but make sure you don’t wash it too often as it will leave the scalp in a dry condition.

When you can see clap turning red then it is the new skin coming up. Gradually the new skin will come. If you feel that it is not clearing up then repeat it for a few more weeks. In case you feel there is some infection then you must take your baby to the doctor.

This is complete information which will help you treat his hair with utmost care.

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