5 Important Things To Do When Your Child Starts to Read

Reading is a slow process and it has to be inculcated. To develop reading amongst children, you have to put in efforts to make them read and then nurture this habit. If your kid is big enough to read words and understand sentences, it doesn’t mean that to inculcate this habit, you are going to load him with books. You have to keep this process slow and stepwise so that he doesn’t feel compelled. He needs to enjoy reading and he should do it with a free will, only then he will be able to enjoy it.

This post talks about 5 important things that every parent should do when her child begins to read. These essential things can make a big difference in developing and nourishing the thirst to read.

Take Your Kid to Bookstore Frequently

Take your child to the book shop. While you are busy looking for a book for yourself, allow him to hang around in the kids section. He will browse through different books and might even end up selecting one for himself.

Library Membership

Library is the best place to find the biggest platter of books. Almost all libraries have a kids section. You can take some library’s membership and take your child along. Look for your books and allow him to get familiar with the place. Gradually, your kid will start browsing and becoming familiar with books and one final day, he will also have a book to read.

Invest Time in Reading on Daily Basis

It is very important to regularize reading. You will have to motivate your child to read books. Ask her to sit with you and read for 30-60 minutes and give her points for spending time. At the end of the week or the month, use those points to buy her something of her choice. You will have to be creative in dealing with your kid.

Gift Your Kid a Book Cabinet

Surprise your child with a small book cabinet in her room. Fill it with different books appropriate for her age and don’t forget to include what she likes. Make the cabinet appealing. She will surely love this surprise gift and will gradually start spending time reading these books.

Go For Book Exchange Program with Moms with Similar Interests

In your friend circle and in your neighborhood, you would be able to find moms who want to inculcate reading habit in their children. You can send your child at their place for book exchange or call their kids to your house for an evening reading session. This will give your kid a better exposure to different kinds of books and she will be able to spend more time with books. Remember, the more, the merrier.

As mothers, it is very important for you to develop reading habit in your child. It is something very important and is getting lost in the world of video games and ipads. To give your children a bright future and good habit, reading is very important.

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