Summer Dressing Tips for Babies to Keep Them Safe and Protected

Safe and Protected Summer Dressing Tips for Babies and kids
Summer Dressing Tips for kids

If you have given birth to a little in the scorching heat of summer then it is very important to take extra care of your baby. Her system is not equipped to adjust temperatures because of which you have to be extra careful when it comes to dressing your baby. Overdressing can cause rashes on her tender skin. Overexposure to heat can lead to sunburn. Therefore, it is extremely important that you keep her comfortable and safe in summer by dressing her right.

Indications That Your Baby is Getting Overheated

Little babies become overheated very quickly as their sweat glands are not developed to keep temperatures controlled. Therefore, we have listed a few signals that confirm that your baby is getting overheated:

  • Baby cries without a reason and gets very cranky
  • Starts to breathe fast
  • Her face begins to flush and gets red hot
  • She feels completely drained of energy
  • Her skin becomes quite hot to touch

As a parent, you have to be very watchful to notice these changes. This would help you know that your baby needs immediate attention because of heat!!!

8 Tips To Dress Baby Safely for Summer Season

Here are some useful tips for dressing baby comfortably for summer season to keep her cool and protected.

1. Dress Her in Right Summer Clothes

Whenever we talk about summer clothing, cotton is the best choice as it is light weight and allows skin to breathe. Do not even think of picking up any synthetic fabric dresses. The colours that you pick also have to be light and soothing as they keep the body cool. Dark colours absorb light and heat and therefore, should be avoided. Do not make your baby wear socks as they unnecessarily will add on to the body heat.

2. Nappies for Babies

During summers, try and stick to cloth diapers as much as possible. Synthetic diapers cause rashes and always keep your baby’s bum wet. They even restrict the circulation of air which makes the baby uncomfortable. With cloth diaper, there are no such issues and the baby feels way too comfortable.

3. Minimum Clothing on a Hot Day

If temperatures are soaring high then you can dress your baby in a soft muslin cloth tee and a nappy. This would allow him to have comfortable clothing. Let him run, crawl, play in these easy clothes. Make sure the AC is adjusted at comfortable temperature as per the baby.

4. Covered Clothes When Outdoor

If you have to take your little one outside then go with complete protection clothes. Clothes with long sleeves, a comfortable hat are a must if you have to take your baby out in sun. This would ensure complete coverage. Avoid stepping outside during the peak heat hours. Make sure that there is minimum exposure to sun.

5. Lighten the Pram for Summers

If you are taking your baby out in a pram then make sure that all the extra padding are removed from it. This would surely save your baby from extra heat. Don’t forget to cover him up in comfortable, complete coverage clothes.

6. Layering is a Bad Idea

Summers are to dress light and the same principle applies on babies. Covering them up in layers of clothes will definitely make them uncomfortable. It is important to cover them but layers of clothes are a big no. So keep it easy and let their skin breathe.

7. Always Carry an Extra Pair

When you are going out with your baby, always pack an extra pair of clothing. Always have a cooler and a warmer pair to dress him up in case the weather changes. Don’t leave any room for uncertainties. If the AC is set on a very low temperature, you would need something warm to cover him up. Likewise, if it gets hotter, you would need something lighter.

8. No Excessive Cosmetics

Its summer time and you need to understand that applying excessive cream, lotion or powder on baby skin can make the baby quite uncomfortable. All this would add on to the discomfort and the baby will feel extremely irritated. Keep it light and allow his skin to breathe. Don’t block the skin pours with talcum powder or cream as it will do no good to your baby.

These are some very useful tips to dress up babies comfortably for summers. You must understand the needs of the season and dress your kid accordingly. Also be extra vigilant to make sure that your baby is comfortable and cool.

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