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Best 5 Summer Camps in India To Send Your Kids This Holiday

Summer holidays are almost there are to make them more productive for your children, selecting a good summer camp for them is the best thing to do. To make sure that your kid doesn’t get bored sitting at home or he doesn’t get busy playing games on tablets or he gets irritated with holiday homework, it is always a great idea to select a summer camp where you cannot just let your child keep busy but also help your kid learn something new.

If you are still wondering which summer camp to pick for your kid in India then we bring to you a list of top 5 summer camps that are loaded with fun activities and new things to learn to make your kid a sharper child when he gets back to school.

Camps by Frolic Boonies

Summer Camps Frolic Boonies

Have your kid enrolled for summer camps with Frolic Boonies which is located in Bengaluru. They organize summer camps in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru with a purpose to teach children about wildlife by involving them in different kinds of fun activities which include horse riding, kayaking, bird watching, animal tracking, bamboo rafting etc. To make a more adventurous experience, kids are made to stay in bamboo huts which add a perfect feel to this camp!!!

Cartoon Making Camps

Cartoon Making Camps

If you think your child is artistic and is fond of cartoons then why not make his summer holidays more innovative with Toon Club in Mumbai. In this camp, children are given theoretical and practical lessons on animation with a purpose to train them to become friendlier with technology. In the end of this camp, they are given a proper certificate which acknowledges their learning. They are also given a chance to show their creativity with three animated movies made by them.

Camps in Jungle by Toehold Travel and Photography

Camps in Jungle by Toehold Travel and Photography

If your child loves nature, wildlife and adventure then Toehold Travel and Photography Private Limited is one amazing company which organizes camps in jungles close to the city where children are taught about nature, ecosystem and other related things. To make it a more fun experience, they are also trained to click pictures like pro with lessons from professionals. This is an enthralling camp for all those children who love taking pictures.

Forensic Sleuths Camps for Kids

Forensic Sleuths Summer Camps Kids

A three days summer camp for kids which involves activities for the shard minds. This camp is organized in Mumbai which involves activities related with detectives. This camp teaches them to solve and analyze cases by various tricks like studying finger prints, studying handwriting, collection of clues and evidences. This camp introduces children to various different techniques in solving mysteries like professional detectives which is a great way to sharpen their brains!!!

Camp Anubhav

Kids Summer Camp Anubhav

Let your kid enjoy in these amazing camps which are organized in locations like Corbett, Nanital, Mussoorie, Sariska, Chail etc. These camps are divided into two categories. The first being the Rock group which includes rock climbing, trekking, jeep safaris and other similar activities. The other group is the Roll group which engages kids with outdoor survival which can be a visit to a nearby village, observing wildlife etc. These camps promise to make summers more thrilling and learning.

So don’t let your child waste his time sitting at home and enroll him in any of these super 5 summer camps mentioned in this post to help him become a more learned and confident person.

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