Easy And Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes for Your Kids Will Love

Indian Breakfast Recipes for Kids

As a mother, you have to be very creative when it comes to cooking to make sure that the first meal of the day is a cheerful meal for your baby. It is no less than a fight to figure out what breakfast recipe to make to make sure that your kid enjoys the meals without making any compromises with his nutrition. You can never woo the little children with boring regular breakfast dishes and to ensure that they finish their meal without making excuses is to prepare something interesting…. Something colorful, something delicious and something appealing which is attractive enough to go the magic trick.

This post unfolds some of these most amazing breakfast recipes for kids in India. They are not just delicious but also nutritious… They are not just quick to make but are also loved by children of all age groups… So what are you waiting for? Browse and enjoy a complete list of breakfast foods that promise hassle-free meals for mommies and kids.

Onion and Tomato Uttapam

Onion and Tomato Uttapam Breakfast RecipeAll kids enjoy onions and tomatoes. Prepare healthy uttapams with onions and tomatoes in toppings. Sparkle them with some oregano and black pepper to add an Italian twist to this South Indian dish which can be served with tomato ketchup or coconut chutney making it a healthy start for your kid.

Paneer and Veggie Sandwiches

Paneer and Veggie SandwichesMash some paneer with seasonal vegetables with minimum spices. Take two bread slices with this paste in between to prepare a grill sandwich which is never a miss. This healthy breakfast dish is very easy and quick to cook. Moreover, you can make different variations of it by spreading mayonnaise, cheese or any other sauce on the inside.

Masala Mini Idlis

Masala Mini Idlis Breakfast Recipe kidsFood has to be interesting and mini idlis are just the perfect cute little things to make eating more fun. Prepare small sized idlis using the moulds and then toss them with some spices. If you wish then you can also add some vegetables to it, to make it more nutritious and delicious for your little one.

Aaloo Paranthas

Aaloo Paranthas childrenPotatoes are loved by children all the times. Preparing aaloo paranthas is one of the healthiest and nutritious Indian breakfasts for children. All you need to do it prepare a masala for paranthas using potatoes. You can also add onions sometimes to add more flavors to it. Serve them with ketchup or green chutney or butter depending upon what your baby likes.

Veggie Sewai

Veggie SewaiYou can easily find sewai in the markets. Chop lots of vegetables and prepare sewai which are like instant Indian noodles. Go with sewai made of sooji over maida as sooji is healthier choice. They taste yummy with ketchup and are very quick and easy to prepare for mothers who want to give their babies a healthy and delicious meal.

Paneer Stuffed Dosa

Paneer Stuffed DosaYou can prepare dosa using sooji and fill it with interesting paneer stuffing as paneer is loved by children and is also very nutritious. Add chopped onions or pomegranate seeds to this stuffing to make it tastier and more colorful. This doesn’t even require much time or efforts to make this simple wholesome breakfast.

Veggie Poha

Veggie Poha Breakfast Recipe kidsPoha is light, healthy and very quick to cook. You can prepare this Indian breakfast just with onions and potatoes and tomatoes if you like. This will not only more colors to poha but will also add more flavors to it. You can serve it with tomato ketchup or plain. This is another easy breakfast to have in your list.

Saucy Macaroni With Vegetables

Saucy Macaronis With VegetablesChildren are fond of macaronis. You can prepare them in different ways like with vegetables, in sauce and with cheese to make them more fun and more delicious. Sometimes you can try white sauce and sometimes red sauce to have more variety in breakfast menu and surprise your little one with something unique every time.

Baby Burgers

Baby BurgersBurgers taste great always but mini burgers for children are more convenient and fun for them. From simple aalo patty burgers to something different, you can try various kinds of mini burgers for kids by changing fillings every time you make them.

Bread Pizzas

Bread Pizzas

To keep it simple and delicious, try bread pizzas. All you will need is some sauce and veggies along with cheese and your kid is going to love this breakfast surprise. Try different vegetables depending upon what your baby likes and he is never going to miss his breakfast for sure.

With such wonderfully quick and delicious breakfast recipes for kids in India, no mother needs to worry about what to cook every morning.

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