How to Choose Perfect Clothes for your Baby

Mothers love to dress their cute little babies. Purchasing colorful, vibrant and smart clothes for your infant is something really very exciting. Parents want to make sure that they purchase the best clothing for their infant which is cute in appeal and also very comfortable for the baby. But in this excitement, it is important for the parents to be smart shoppers so that they don’t spend unnecessarily on clothing. It is recommended that you shop wisely as infants are in their growing phase and in this duration they mostly sleep, eat and pooh.

Here is an article to help you choose perfect clothes for your little baby. Use the information given below while going out on shopping and you will save your money by shopping things that are actually needed.

Shop as per Season

It is important that you shop for the season. Shop for weather conditions that prevail at present.

Summer wear

Summers are the time when you should dress your infant in lightweight, soft cotton garments. For indoors, you can select the ones in light colors with loose fitting. For outdoors, you can shop for long sleeves shirt in soothing colors for babies up to 12 months of age. Here are some of the choices of summer clothing.

  • Vest with Long Sleeves

Buy cotton vests which you can layer with other clothes in other seasons. They are very comfortable and soft.

  • Infant Gowns

Shop for two to four of these infant gowns which keep the infant happy. They keep them covered and give you easy access to change diapers.

  • T-shirts

Go for t-shirts and turtlenecks that come in different colors and are comfortable for the little ones.

  • Rompers

They are a perfect choice if you are taking your baby out for some gathering or party. They look smart and keep your baby happy.

  • Leggings and Pajamas

Shop for a few of these easy to wear pajamas and leggings that come with stretchy waistbands that easily fit on infant’s belly. They last longer as they expand on waist with ease.

  • Sleepers

These are perfect for night. They come with inbuilt feet which keep your baby covered from chin to toe. Go for simple and comfortable pairs. Infants look cutest in these sleepers.

Winters wear

You must shop for easy to put on and off winter clothes. Also make sure that they are not too heavy and also keep your infant warm. You need to buy everything from head to toe to keep your child properly covered, especially when you are moving out.

  • Thermal Inners

Make sure you have bought thermal inners with pants for your child to keep him warm from inside. They are must haves.

  • Sweaters

You will also need to shop for a few sweaters. Some in sleeveless and some in full sleeves. Go for the ones which can be buttoned from front. Go for the ones with soft wool. You can layer them up with inners and shirts with sweater on the top.

  • Socks and Booties

It is important that you cover your child’s feet with warm socks and also make them wear booties when going out. Have at least 3-4 pairs for the season. Make sure they are comfortable and not too tight.

  • Caps

It is very important that you cover your infant’s ears with soft and warm caps when you take them out.

  • Gloves

You can also have 2-3 pairs of gloves to keep their hands warm when you take them out in cold.

Other Important Tips

  • Wash New Clothes

You must always wash the new clothes before using them to ensure that they are clear and safe for your baby. One wash makes them softer. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

  • Be Sure of Size

Every baby is different in growth and every brand follows different standards for sizing. You must purchase clothes based on the health and growth of your child. Do not blindly go by the size mentioned on the label.

  • Avoid Embellishments

Do not buy dresses which have decorative embellishments on them as they can cause choking. Do not purchase tops which wrap around baby’s neck. Avoid the ones with ties or knots around neck.

  • Shop But Don’t Overstock

It is good to buy in advance in sales but you cannot really anticipate the size in advance and this can be risky. But you can always buy a few clothes which are a safer choice as you can save money. Be very smart and sensible while shopping in advance.

  • Don’t Stuck With Colors

Feel free to shop any color that looks good on your infant. Pink is for girls and blue is for boys is not to be followed. Markets are loaded with options and you must try what looks good.

  • Clothes as Gifts

You will receive lots of clothes from your family, relatives and friends so don’t just purchase too many. Also in some communities in India, newborn babies are made to wear second hand clothes for a couple of days when they are born.

  • Be Cautious with Spending

When you become a parent, you are excited and you end up shopping lots of clothes, some of which don’t even get used. Plan your purchase and shop wisely as the infant grows fast and every 2-3 months you will need to buy new set of clothes. Do not shop for expensive dresses.

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