Month: June 2021

Amazing Kids Bath Toys Storage Options in India

Kids enjoy their bath sessions more when they have their favorite colorful toys with them. Markets are loaded with fun bath toys for babies in India but to keep your bathroom space tidy and organized, you must store them using the right storage options which keep them properly placed. Read this post and enlightened yourself […]

Tips on Choosing Best Baby Bib for Your Kid

Feeding a baby is a task, or to be more specific, it is messy task. Bibs are a must for every kid to save their clothes during the meal time. Though it is quite surprising that how creatively they end up having food all over them. This post talks about some useful tips for choosing […]

5 Important Things To Do When Your Child Starts to Read

Reading is a slow process and it has to be inculcated. To develop reading amongst children, you have to put in efforts to make them read and then nurture this habit. If your kid is big enough to read words and understand sentences, it doesn’t mean that to inculcate this habit, you are going to […]

4 Behavioral Tips for Parents Who Don’t Like Their Kid’s Friends

We all know how important a company is for our growth, liking and disliking. When we were kids, our performance in the class would be influenced by our group of friends. And now at this stage when we ourselves have become parents, we know how important it is for our children to have friends who […]

6 Useful Tips on Keeping Your Children Away from Watching TV

Every parent looks out for ways to keep their children away from TV. These days no kid wants to go out and play and wants to sit home and watch some cartoon or movie or sometime else on TV. It is a sad thing but most of our kids have become TV addicts. They want […]

5 Simple Tips for parents to Help Your Child Select The Right Stream

One of the most difficult times as parents are helping your children select the right stream in school. This is the toughest time as you have to work hard to bring clarity in what your child wants to study, what he wants to become in life and what are his areas of interest. Not only […]

6 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Read to Their Children

I still have those beautiful memories fresh in my mind when my bother would read me stories before putting me to bed. She would read me different kinds of stories ranging from enticing fairy tales to stories with a moral. I thoroughly enjoyed this session. I would browse through the mesmerizing pictures which took me […]

Refreshing Trendy Summer and Spring 2016 Fashion Clothing for Children

Enchanting spring and summer fashion trends for kids in 2016 for a refreshing and stylish look. Amazing fashionable kids wear clothing for the season. Gone are those days when fashion was limited just to the adults. These days kids fashion industry is booming and growing at a fast pace. Just like adults, kids are also […]

6 Wonderful Tricks on Transforming Your Child into an Amazing Leader

It is a desire of every parent to see their children successful and progressive in their life. And when we talk about success, leadership is an important ingredient in it. Leadership is defined as the skill to socially influence people around you in order to bring out the maximum potential of the people and of […]

Tips on Raising Children for Parents with Two Religions

When parents come from different religions, we usually assume that the child is going to follow the beliefs followed by his father as our society is patriarchal. But we cannot say that with confidence if the father has married out his religion then there are chances that he himself is not a very strong believer […]