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Complete Guide to Bottle Feeding Newborn

Whenever we talk about baby’s diet, breast milk is considered as the best choice. But as the baby grows, you are required to add some top feed to his diet and selecting cow’s milk based formula is the next best selection. You need to be really very cautious while selecting the brand. You can take recommendations from the doctor so that you don’t make any mistake in picking the right brand.

Another important thing to keep in mind while bottle feeding your child is the bottle, you need to be cautious while purchasing it and using it. Always check the date of expiry. There are different kinds of bottles and nipples available in the market ranging from plastic to glass to disposable. Glass bottles are the best choice but you need to be sure that there are no cracks in it.

Guide to Introduce Bottle Feed to Baby

Here are some points which will be very helpful for you as a mother, while introducing bottle feed to your little one.

  • It is recommended to start with bottle feeding much before when the baby can differentiate between mother’s feed and bottle milk.
  • Baby will become easily compatible with the bottle faster when he is hungry. So always introduce it when he is damn hungry.
  • The best time to try it when the baby is sleeping. This will make it easier for the baby to accept it as he will be less aware.
  • If your baby doesn’t take the bottle feed then don’t give up. Keep trying at different times. You will have to be very patient and consistent with your efforts.
  • You can try different kinds of nipples to help you baby adjust faster.
  • You can feed your breast milk in the bottle in the start as this will give your infant the same taste. Gradually, you can start blending it with formula and then you can replace it with formula.

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Right Position for Bottle Feeding

It is very important that you position your baby correctly so that he or she can latch on to the bottle and enjoy a comfortable supply of milk.

  • Hold the infant in a slightly raised position with his head in the crook of your elbow.
  • Allow the bottom of your baby rest on your thigh and give a support to his head and upper back using your upper arm.
  • Let your kid open his mouth and then you can insert the nipple in his mouth.
  • Manage a comfortable angle to help the bottle so that there is good supply of milk. Tilt the bottle to fill the nipple.
  • Keep him close to your chest and cuddle him during feeding.
  • Make sure you look at him while you are feeding him.
  • Rub baby’s lips using the nipple in order to get his attention to feeding.

Useful Tips for Bottle Feeding

Here are some of the tips which will make bottle feeding a lot easier.

  • Always buy the bottle which is of good quality.
  • Purchase a nipple that is good for baby. For infants, use the one with slow flow.
  • Always keep his bib on or keep a napkin on the side.
  • Ensure that the bottles and nipples sterilized. Boiling them in a covered pan for 10 minutes will kill all the germs.
  • Do not use microwave to heat the milk or bottle.
  • Prepare a fresh formula when you feed your baby.
  • Babies take feed in small gaps in order to take some rest before they start to suck again.
  • When the baby is taking the bottle feed, you will see bubbles. If there are no bubbles then move the nipple to the side of his mouth.
  • If the baby has slept or stopped then just move the bottle to know if he wants more feed or he is done.
  • You must interrupt the feed as this will help the baby know whether he is full or not and he will be able to control this feed.
  • When the baby is done feeding then you must hold him upright and rub or pat his back gently to help him burp so that his food settles.
  • Never feed the baby when he is swaddled. Allow him to participate in feeding by setting him free.
  • Do not over feed your child as it can cause him discomfort. Never try to finish the bottle by moving it around his mouth. Let him decide how much food he wants.

All these points are very much helpful in guiding the mothers to feed their kids with bottle. Follow these steps and your baby will adapt to this new pattern soon.


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