How Safe is Your Child on a School Bus?

Kids and baby Safe School Bus
Kids Safe School Bus

Parents are always worried about their children, especially when they are small and they step out of the house. Their safety is always on the mind. We have come across various cases in which kids going to their schools in school bus met with some kind of an accident. Thankfully, not all these accidents are serious but they are alarming. They are a signal that we need to be more cautious with our kids going to schools in school buses. Each morning and afternoon, all parents are worried until they know that their kids have arrived safe.

If you are face this everyday tension, then we have come up with this post which helps you keep a check that how safe is your child on the school bus. Here are a few points which can sort the situation for you.

1. Talk to School About Bus Drivers

Before confirming the bus facility for your child, it is important that you visit the school and meet the in-charge for transport. You can ask them about the bus drivers they have employed to have a check on their driving skills, any kind of training are they given, their license etc. Also check what kinds of records are maintained of these drivers who have a responsible job to do. This would help you become more aware of drivers, their experience, their track record etc.

2. Ask Your Child

Another important thing that you can do is simply have a casual talk with your child to know how the driver drives. Randomly you can ask your kid about how was the drive to home on his school bus. Try and look for any important information that you can get. If the child complaints of rash driving, jerks or anything that makes him feel uncomfortable while driving to and fro, can give you enough idea about the driver and his driving skills.

3. Check for Security Cameras

These days all the buses are installed with security cameras to ensure the safety of the children. As a parent, you must also make sure that the school bus of your kid is also installed with cameras. If it is not, you can suggest the management to do the needful. This is one of the best ways to monitor the driving and keep children safe.

4. Observe the Behavior of Driver and Conductor

The driver and conductor have an important task of dropping children and picking them up. This requires that they are disciplined and warm. Be watchful of their behavior and if you see that something is wrong, report the same to the management. As a parent, you have to be vigilant as behavior can tell a lot of things.

5. Observe Your Child’s Behavior

You can also keep a close watch on the behavior of your kid when he boards the bus and when he alights. Sometimes children are hesitant in sharing a bad experience. And in such a scenario, you have to be more observant. Whenever you find anything odd, try and talk to the child. Make him feel comfortable so that he can share if there is anything wrong.

6. Follow the Bus

If you feel that something somewhere is not right then don’t hesitate in following the bus. This would help you have clarity and clear all your doubts.

These are some of the steps that you can take in order to make sure that your kid is safe in his school bus. Just by being a little more observant, you can save your child and other kids on the bus from a bad experience.

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