Keep Your Baby Cool and Happy in Summers with These 5 Tips

Baby Happy And Cool This Summer
Baby Happy and Cool This Summer

As the temperatures begin to rise, we all start losing our cool…… both mental and physical. This harsh heat is all the more challenging for the little babies and therefore, they need extra care to deal with this scorching heat.  It is extremely important to be careful with what your baby drinks or eats to keep his system cool and avoid all the irritation of this season.

Therefore, in this post we have come up with 5 tips that are extremely very helpful in keeping the baby cool and happy during summers. Follow these guidelines to let your baby smile even with temperatures rising high.

Watch Out Water Intake

Babies would never remember to have water and therefore, mommies have to keep a close watch on their water intake. Water is very much essential to keep their bodies hydrated and system cool. Always opt for water that is boiled or filtered to ensure that your kid doesn’t catch any infection. Not only you have to maintain a healthy intake of water for your baby but you also need to keep a check on its urine output. In case of infants, for the first 6 months doctors recommend no intake of water as breast feed or formula milk provides all the required hydration. If you think that your infant needs water because its way too hot then do consult your doctor before giving him any.

Bath Twice A Day

The coolness of water has the power to soothe any soul, body and mind. Bath is not just a morning ritual but a way to hydrate your system. Make sure that you give your baby a bath not just once but twice a day. This would wash away all the sweat and make him feel light and happy. Make his bath session a playful session so that he enjoys it more. A bath in the evening will always help him sleep better. This is the best way to recharge him and help him beat the heat in the simplest way possible. If your kid is big enough then pool visits are also a good idea. If your kid already loves water then he will love summers all the more.

Focus on the Diet

It is extremely important that your baby is always fed and fed right. If your baby is dependent on mother’s feed then make sure that you feed him after every few hours to ensure that he is hydrated. If your baby has started with things other than milk then always keep a track of when you fed him last. Fruits are a healthy way to maintain body temperatures. So if your baby is big enough then you must introduce seasonal fruits in his diet. This is very important to make summers easier for him. If you are planning to take him out then make sure you have packed fruits and cookies. Avoid taking anything cooked as chances of food getting spoiled because of heat are high.

Pick the Right Dress

Clothing also has an important role to play. Mothers should be very particular while purchasing dresses for their children in relation with the season. Talking about summer, clothes that are light are recommended. Fabrics like cotton and muslin are the best choice for kids as they allow their skin to breathe and keep their body temperatures low. Make sure that you buy clothes in lighter shades. Pastels are always the best pick for summers. Avoid layering your baby with too many clothes. Remember to keep it lightest possible. Also make sure that when your baby is home, you don’t cover him up in disposable diapers rather go with clothapers. They are more comfortable and don’t cause rashes on the baby skin.

Be Prepared to Deal With Rashes

Rashes are a very common problem in summers. Their cause of occurrence is perspiration. The folds on the skin tend to have sweat accumulated in them which result into skin reddening and rashes. These rashes cause irritation and itching making the baby uncomfortable. Therefore, you must work on controlling the cause of their appearance to keep your baby happy. They usually happen around the diaper areas and the best way to control is to keep the skin dry.

These are some of the tips using which you can actually make summers more comfortable for your baby. With these guidelines, you will be able to maintain his body temperatures and keep his system cool. He will feel a lot better and enjoy the summers!!!

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