Teaching Safety: 5 Things Your Child Should Know by age 5

Teaching Safety kids, baby safety
Teaching Safety kids

A growing child has to be taught a thousand things. As your kid grows, it is time for him to step out and head to kindergarten. But before that it is extremely important that you teach your child, five very basic and very vital safety things that prepare them well before they move out of the safe zone. We have come up with 5 year old development checklist which is something very much essential to teach your child to keep him safe even when you are not around. So let us have a look at these safety things to teach.

1. Name and Numbers of Parents

Your child might find it surprising that his mom and dad have some different names as well. Make him learn your names and surnames along with the telephone numbers. This is important so that in case your child is lost, he can at least share these details and have a phone call made to you. Take all possible efforts to make sure that he has learnt these basic details which top the checklist.

2. Look Both Sides Before Crossing

While playing at the park, if his ball has gone on the road, he would just rush to get it back. Team him to stop before crossing the road, look both the sides and then move ahead. Teach him to look for cars, watch for sounds or horns and then take a step forward. It is extremely important to prepare your child well to cross the road to ensure he is safe.

3. Ask for Help

You must make your child understand the importance of asking for help. He will obviously be shy of asking for help but you must teach him that it is important and he must not feel shy. You must make him come out of this shyness which is extremely essential for him. For instance, if he is at preschool, he would need to ask the teacher to help him with toilet or anything.

4. Teach Him to be Honest

It is essential for kids to tell the truth. Always tell him to speak the truth as this is not just a good habit but also very important as it helps in character building for lifetime. You can do so by being a role model for him. It is always good to work by example which will always help him become a better person.

5. Teach Him to be Affectionate

Love and affection are very important and it is very important for you to teach your child to love everyone. Teach him to reciprocate to love as this is another significant quality to inculcate. Teach him to be nice to everyone around as this will make him a warm person.

These are 5 things which you must teach your child by the time he turns 5. Have these things on your checklist for training your kid right.

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