15 Important Things You Wish You Knew About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful period of nine months. This is one of the most special times of your life when you begin to experience a new life inside you. During this period, you experience lots of things, some of which you already knew, some of which you get to know from people, some of which you experience and know and some you wish you should knew.

Well this article compiles 15 such important things which every expecting mother thinks she knew about pregnancy. The purpose of having them here is to clear the doubts and bring more clarity about having a baby so that you start giving attention to things that are really important and stop worrying about those which are irrelevant.

1. You will constantly keep worrying. It is quite normal for your brain to do overtime because there are so many things you are experiencing and you just want to have answers to those questions and ambiguities. But try and relax. Everything will go normal.

2. Don’t watch your weight. Answer your cravings and enjoy all the pampering you get to experience. A few extra kilos will not really matter much. Eat what you like.

3. Sometimes the taste of your mouth will be awful and there is nothing much you can do about it. So keep it easy and eat something delicious to change your taste and mood.

4. The weight doesn’t melt right away. It takes time for your body to get back in shape. Exercising and yoga really help with the belly fat.

5. If you have had a C-section then losing the fat around your waist will not be easy for you. And beyond a certain point you might feel you are not losing an inch.

6. When you feel that your whole vagina is completely turning itself inside out and something is just going to drop out of your system, it is quite normal. All is well.

7. You will have to learn to give up all the hesitations once you conceive as from now on you will have to do everything that you had not really dream of. Its normal and every expecting lady have to experience it.

8. Do not think too much about labor pains. It is normal and when you are having your first baby then will last longer. Your baby is worth every pain you experience.

9. Swelling, itching and irritation are experienced by all the mothers to be. Try and apply some oil or moisturizer to soothe your skin. Scratching will make things worse for you.

10. During the last month you will feel as if your hips and bones are stretching apart. This happens during the 9th month and you feel that your skin is going to tear apart because of all the dryness.

11. Constipation and gastric problems are something that will give you a hard time. You will be burping and farting like never before. You might also experience some complaints from your husband.

12. Your mental alertness will not be as great as it is normally during the phase of pregnancy. You may find yourself turning into a little stupid person. Don’t worry, it is just temporary.

13. During pregnancy, women generally have natural small elevations around the nipples. It is quite normal and you must not panic.

14. You might experience pain and swelling in your breasts after the delivery. This is quite subjective as it depends on how well is the flood of breast milk. Breastfeeding may not be as easy as it looks.

15. Once you have delivered the baby, you will experience bleeding per vagina for around 40-45 days which is again a normal thing to happen. The color of the discharge may vary from time to time.

All these things are something that a woman must know about pregnancy to avoid unnecessary tensions.

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