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A Useful Trimester Guide to Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a nine months time during which different changes happen in the system of a lady. This article has beautifully divided this span into three trimesters to help you bring a complete guide on what happens in each trimester. Let us have a look at this concise guide which spills it all.

1st Trimester

This is the very first phase when you discover that you are having a baby. This is something that rbings a smile to your face and then suddenly you start thinking of all the do’s and don’ts to follow that make you feel sad. Then again you are happy and then again sad.

  • Every morning you get up with morning sickness. Your day doesn’t start in a normal way. You feel giddy and tired, dull and sleepy. You feel that you don’t have energy left in your system. Some have afternoon or evening sickness. All day you are running to the washroom to feel light and feel better.
  • You feel lazy. All you want to do it take a nap and feel relaxed. Whether you are work or home, you just want to leave everything aside and sleep on your office chair. All you need is a comfortable spot to fall asleep.
  • You soon start experiencing cravings. Sometimes you feel the urge to have something healthy and sometimes you don’t mind munching on something really unhealthy. You cannot control the emergency to eat something you wish to eat.
  • Another important change that you come across is the sudden mood change. Mood swings are a part and parcel of this phase. You know you are being unreasonable but even you don’t know what is happening to you.
  • You suddenly get a feeling that your boobs are hurting. It is important to communicate the same thing to your partner.
  • You start using your bathroom more frequently. Now you have more reasons to rush to your second home.

2nd Trimester

With the end of the third month you enter the second trimester of your pregnancy. Thankfully, it is a lot easier to manage and survive through as your body accommodates to the changes happening inside and you feel more comfortable. One of the important and noticeable changes is the growing belly. Now the time has started when you will have to start shopping for maternity wears to feel comfortable and easy. You can even start feeling the baby move inside the womb.

  • You will experience swelling here and there along with some tingle under the skin. You will have your feet swelled up one day and one morning you will get up with a swelled up face.
  • Gear up to face some pains and aches at not so common places. To get rid of these sudden and strange pains, the best solution is to have a nice pregnancy massage which can relieve your body from all sorts of pains and you can feel relaxed from tensions in your muscles.
  • If you never had boobs then this is the time when you will experience them. Finally, you will also feel that you too have boobs like other women.
  • It is the time to get scars, stretch marks and all possible marks around your waist. Only a very few women don’t experience them. Don’t try rubbing every “no stretch mark” cream available in the market on your body as nothing really helps. Applying certain oils can surely get you some relief from constant itching.
  • No matter what, but this is that duration of your pregnancy when you will feel quite normal and easy. You will not get tired doing your things. You will enjoy the food you eat. There will not be much of discomfort. So this is the time to plan your baby’s room, enjoy good lavish dishes, go out for movies and shop, if you are not a working lady.

3rd Trimester

This is the last but very important phase of your pregnancy. You will no longer be able to see your feet, wear your shoes all by yourself. The sensations of the baby movements will become more prominent. All you would want to do is sit and relax, with no major physical activity. You would just be waiting for the D-day to arrive so that you can have your baby in your arms and you can have your body back in shape.

  • You will always feel short of breath. A little physical movement and you can feel your heart rate speeding up.
  • For the first time you will experience your sore nipples will start to leak. Don’t worry its normal.
  • The episodes of swelling will increase and intensify. You will also experience too much of itching and irritation on your skin with reddening.
  • You will feel extremely uncomfortable to get some sleep. It is not that you will not feel sleepy but just that you will not be able to sleep because of your condition.
  • You will be shocked to see your womb turn into some kind of a basketball which is hanging down. You will have the toughest time with your abdomen.
  • You will start to experience contractions. It is quite subjective though.

With the end of the third trimester, you will have a cute and adorable baby in your arms. Someone for whom you had waited for months to arrive and now it is here…so divine and angelic.


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