10 Ways That Explain Why Pregnancy is Like Toddlerhood

Being pregnant is very much similar to being a cute little toddler. This is so because during this magical phase of 9 months, the second half is the time when you lose all the control over your body and emotions like you are a toddler. You are growing in size and you are not able to keep check on small things. And what makes it even better is that nobody minds it. All these changes that you are experiencing are quite normal. There are so many things that you fail to do because you are expecting and for those things you have to be dependent on your husband or any other house help.

Here is a list of 10 such things which a pregnant woman does which remind her of the toddlerhood. Let us see some of these common things which are experienced by almost every pregnant lady.

  1. Just like a toddler, you are never able to balance you body. You need someone to hold your hand or someone to help you get up.
  2. You find it difficult to sleep. You want to sleep but you are too restless to get some good sleep.
  3. You cannot tie your shoes just like the little toddlers. You need someone to help you wear them. You cannot bend down and moreover you cannot even see your feet.
  4. You trip a lot like little babies. That’s because you are not able to look down and concentrate as you have to manage your body and various other things while just simply taking a walk.
  5. You have no control over your burps and farts just like toddlers.
  6. You have mood swings without a reason. You have no control over your emotions and feelings just like the small kids. You never know when you might start feeling sad or end up laughing out loud on some lame joke.
  7. You have weird food obsessions during this phase. Just like toddlers, if you have craving for something then you want it right away. Then no logic or reasoning seems to work for you. You have a craving and it needs to be answered.
  8. You cannot drink alcohol. Just like a toddler, all this unhealthy stuff is banned for you. No matter you are an adult, you can deliver a baby but not have alcohol.
  9. There are chances that you might pee in your pants like the toddlers. During pregnancy, you pee lot more frequently and by the time you reach the washroom, you end up wetting your pants.
  10. Your body is growing at an alarming rate. Your size is increasing fast and you need to buy bigger clothes to fit in just like the toddlers who need new clothes every few months.

These are the 10 things every pregnant woman experiences which are very much similar to what a toddler encounters in his growing year.

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