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10 Most Useful Pregnancy Advice to Help First Time Moms

Conceiving your first baby is something which can never be expressed in words. It is a state of mixed emotions- you are excited, thrilled, happy, emotional, tense and nervous along with experiencing various other emotions and feelings. This article brings the list of 10 most important and useful pregnancy advices for the first time moms to help them enjoy their phase of pregnancy along with clearing the air of confusion and doubt. So follow these guidelines so that you can stay calm and composed and welcome your first baby in this beautiful world in the best way.

1. Find the Right Doctor

It is really very important to choose the best doctor as soon as you know that you are expecting. Do not compromise on any gynecologist to whom you have been going for regular consultations from last 5 years. It is important to choose the right doctor who is experienced and can help you deal with your pregnancy in the nicest way possible. If your doctor is sorted then everything else is going to fall in place.

2. Arrange for Nightlight in Your Bathroom

It is really important to have a conveniently located nightlight in your bathroom which is must so that you can manage to comfortably rush to the washroom without having the need to turn on the light in an emergency situation. And this will also make sure that you have complete visibility of the surroundings so that you don’t step on something lying on the floor and watch your steps.

3. Don’t Google or Read Pregnancy Books

It has become a fashion to Google for any kind of information on internet or just buy some random book on pregnancy and start reading it just to know that everything is going fine. But please do not get trapped in this kind of a behavior because then you will be under constant anxiety throughout these nine months comparing what is mentioned in the book and what is happening with you. Though it is not easy to avoid the temptation to read but please avoid it.

4. Expand Your Maternity Wardrobe Gradually

There is no point to start buying maternity clothes the time you get to about your pregnancy. You will need them during the second half of your pregnancy. So keep it easy and relaxed. Go for nice pleasant colors and fabrics that can make you smile. Keep your clothing loose but still stylish and fitted on certain parts of your body so that you look graceful.

5. Stay Busy

It is not good to spend too much time along. When your husband is not around then you can always spend some quality time hanging out with your friends and cousins. It is not necessary that you need to go to some café or restaurant, you can always spend some moments at your home or your friend’s place where you can relax and laugh at some funny jokes. This will always keep your mood happy and nice.

6. Become More Aware with Childbirth Classes

You can always ask your husband to accompany you for childbirth classes which give you useful inputs concerning your baby’s birth so that you can take all important decisions in a wise manner. You can decide the kind of birth you want to have or the complete procedure of delivering a baby, what things you need to keep in mind, post delivery care of baby, list of vaccines and tests. This will make you well aware of every detail which you must know as a parent.

7. Sleep As Much As You Can

You can enjoy happy and healthy sleep without any restrictions. This is something which is good for mothers to be as they can relax their body and mind. You are surely going to experience lots of dreams about your baby who is soon to come into this world. This is surely something very interesting which you will love to experience during your pregnancy period.

8. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

You are expecting and there is nothing wrong is asking people around you to help you with small things. With the passage of time, you will start finding it harder to move around with ease. If you need a glass of water, ask your husband to help you with it. If you are out for shopping, you can ask your friend to carry your shopping bags. There is nothing wrong in seeking a helping hand for things which suddenly look so difficult.

9. Don’t Sideline Your Cravings

We all know that cravings in pregnancy are quite common and make sure that you acknowledge and answer most of them. This will keep you and your baby happy. Never neglect your craving or else you would never be able to take your focus away from them. The best way is to address them and get done with them. These are the likings baby starts to show.

10. Start Stocking Up

As the due date starts approaching closer, it is sign that you must start stocking up all the essentials that will be needed one your baby arrives in the world. From baby essentials like diapers, wipes, clothes, shampoo, creams etc. to post birth goodies for you to everything else that you need will be important once the baby has arrived. You must also arrange a bag which with all the essentials that you will need once you will be in hospital. Make sure you arrange it all by yourself so that nothing important is missing.

So these are some very important and useful advices for ladies who are having their very first baby. This will save them from avoiding some silly mistakes which otherwise any lady would commit, if not aware.


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