10 Things You Must Avoid Saying to a Pregnant Woman

things to avoid saying to a pregnant woman

If you have some of your friend or sister or colleague who is expecting then here is a list of a few things which you should never say to her. It is really important to watch your words so that you don’t hurt the feelings of a pregnant lady with your statements which look more damaging than their literal meanings. This article unfolds the list of 10 such statements that one should avoid saying to a pregnant lady. So here you go….

“Can I Touch Your Belly”

This is one of the most widely asked questions to a pregnant woman and it is also something which no woman will like. There is something known as personal space. If one is expecting then it doesn’t mean that anyone and everyone can her belly. By touching her baby bump, what are you planning to do actually??? This actually means that yes you look really fat and seems that you are just going to burst. So never say such a thing to a pregnant woman.

“ Looks Like They Are Twins”

By making such a remark, you are either trying to say that hey lady you look really too fat or you are trying to give her add the tensions about which she has already been thinking like sleepless nights, changing diapers, feeding the baby and stuff like that.

“ Did You Really Plan to Get Pregnant or It Just Happened”

It is good to be curious but never ask such a person question. This is like posing an indirect question to the mother-to-be that did you use some protection that did not work or do you have sex regularly or do you have an understanding of how the human reproductive system works. So seal your lips before asking such a stupid question.

“What Have You Planned… Natural Birth or C-Section”

This is another very personal thing to ask some lady who is expecting. It is something which the doctor and the parents to be decide keeping in mind the condition of the baby and the mother. You are seriously no one to ask that or give your opinion on that.

“There is Still More Time To Go”

It is not good to keep reminding that there are still 3 weeks to go. This is like reminding someone of the pain that she is undergoing and reviving all of it by telling her that she is still far away from the deadline. Never do such a thing because this is one thing on which the lady doesn’t want to focus and you are reminding her of it.

“ Coke or Coffee or Standing Too Long (and so many more things) is Not Healthy For The Baby”

There are various people coming up with innumerable suggestions about not to have coffee, coke and various other things during pregnancy. This makes the mother to be really guilty and terrible. Thanks to internet, these days everything is unhealthy as every other article mentions something different which is not good for the expecting mother. So never advice a lady on how healthy a thing is when she is relishing it to the fullest. It is seriously very bad.

“I Knew it Was Hard to Work During Pregnancy. Why Are You Not Resting”

Well everyone knows that it is important to rest during pregnancy and every expecting mother wants to rest as much as possible. But there are circumstances that don’t let you do so. You have to work despite back pain because your maid is missing or you have this mess to clean. Never say such a thing which can hurt the poor lady.

“I Thought You Did Not Want Kids”

That is like touching a sensitive point again. May be she skipped taking the pill or may be she is forced to have a baby. No matter what it is, it is very personal and you should seal your lips before making such a statement.

“ Are You Planning to Breastfeed Your Baby”

This is something which is again very personal and should be avoided to ask. This is not a casual question that you can ask anyone just like that. It depends on the lady how she wants to go about feeding her child. You must not even think of asking this.

“ This is Nothing, Once You Will Have The Baby Then You Will Experience a Tough Time”

This is kind of obvious and surely doesn’t need a mention. We know that few months after having a baby are far tougher than the period of pregnancy but this doesn’t need to be mentioned.

So make sure that you don’t make any of the statements mentioned above to a pregnant woman as there is nothing pleasant or good about them.

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