10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Newborn Babies

There are quite a lot of things that we all know about babies but there are so many more that are not mentioned in books but they are equally important for the would be parents to know so that they can have a wise demarcation between what is right and what is not so right when it comes to dealing with the newborn babies.

Here is a list of 10 such things which every parent should know about babies so that you can anticipate and understand their actions, movements and needs in a better way. So let’s explore what all things you must know.

1. Handle the soft spot with care

The soft spot, the opening in the skill which is considered to be a delicate area needs to be handled with a little care. It is okay to touch there and comb hair on that part. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you must take care while touching it. Use soft bristle combs for combing the hair. Allow it to strengthen with time and there is nothing else to worry.

2. Don’t wait for coos and smiles until the 6th week

As parents we want to experience those cute smiles and coos when babies react. But for that you will have to wait a little. For the first six weeks, the infant will not show any of these expressions. Do not panic. He is just normalizing with the new environment and people and soon he will start to react.

3. Until the umbilical cord falls off, go only for sponge bath

Umbilical cord falls off faster if you will keep it dry. This is about two weeks or so. It is not important to give your infant a daily bath as he hardly gets dirty and for the initial days you can give him sponge bath so that the umbilical cord falls fast. In case there is some bleeding when it falls, do not panic as it is quite normal.

4. Babies have dry skin and it is normal

Normally babies have dry skin. Once they come out of the womb, their body takes some time to adjust itself as per the environment. With time you may also experience some diaper rashes, little pink bumps and baby acne. All this is quite normal and to soothe her skin you can ask the pediatric to prescribe some hypoallergenic lotion which is healthy for the baby skin.

5. Learn about your infant’s diet with weight and diaper count

If you are wondering that what is the best way to know if your child has had a proper feed when you are breastfeeding her then don’t worry as with some important observations you will be able to measure it. You can measure it with her weight. A newborn baby loses around 5-8 % of weight within first week of delivery but during the second week, she resumes it. So you can observe her weight to know if she is being fed properly. The next is the diaper count. You can know how much she is urinating or how much stool is she passing to know her diet status.

6. All babies cry, it is normal

There is just no need for you to panic if your baby cries. All babies cry. This is the way they communicate. When they are hungry, when they are having stomach ache, when they have a dirty diaper, when they want to be held; they simply cry and tell. It is for you to understand that what your infant needs. With time, you will begin to understand why is your baby crying and what does he need. Just relax and do not lose your temper.

7. Newborn babies sleep a lot, its healthy

Infants grow best when they sleep. For the first three months, all they do is sleep and you must also make sure that they are getting enough sleep. Whenever they will be hungry, they will get up and start crying asking for some feed, which will usually be after every 2-3 hours. They will not sleep for long stretches but they will surely sleep a lot. This will make him healthy and fit.

8. After feed, do not forget the burp

To make sure that the feed has reached down in his system, it is important that you make your baby burp so that he doesn’t vomit out all that he has eaten. Once you have fed your baby, place him against your chest and pat his back so that the food settles inside his system and when he lies down, he doesn’t vomit is out. It is very important.

9. Always keep the baby dry

It is important for mothers to keep checking the diapers. If it is full wet then you must change it at once otherwise it will cause rashes, itching and discomfort to the baby. And when you change the diapers, leave his skin exposed to natural air. Apply some cream or powder to keep it fresh. If needed, use baby wipes to clean his skin.

10. Body massage is healthy for the infant

To reduce the dryness on the baby skin and to impart more strength to his bones and muscles, it is good to give him a massage just before the bath. This will not take too long. In fact, after the massage, the baby will enjoy a healthy nap and then you can give him a nice bath. This will keep his skin soft and well nourished and he will have stronger bones.

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