10 Easy Ways To Make A Pregnant Woman Annoyed

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During pregnancy, a woman goes through a difficult journey of life where she needs to take care of both herself and her baby. However, there will be lots of people to help you, but still you need to be more conscious in your pregnancy. As you need to handle so much pressure at this time, being annoyed is a common thing during pregnancy that most of the women face this problem. The situation becomes worse, when people around you, give you some unnecessary commands that do no good rather than bad. The content deals with 10 ways to piss off a pregnant woman.

  1. Staring of people everywhere you go:

The bad thing that makes a pregnant woman pissed is that people stare at her in the road, in market and everywhere as if they fist see a pregnant woman with a big tummy. It is irritating and at the same time annoying and ignoring them all may not possible for you, especially when you are nervous during your pregnancy.

  1. The advices on the eating habit:

It is true that you need to take a great care of your eating habit as long as your baby’s health is concerned and you may find lots of advice just pouring in when people know you are pregnant. Following a good diet is healthy for you, which is prescribed by your doctor or physician. But when people give you some unnecessary advices over your eating, it becomes unbearable for you. The advices have all the ingredients, which are enough to make you annoyed.

  1. The name game of the expecting baby:

Picking up a name is not easy for parents and everyone wants to give the coolest name for their child. Still, you may face the questions like have you decided a name? It may seem a simple thing, but in the perspective of a pregnant woman, it might get her annoyed. So it is better not to ask this questing to a soon-to-be mother, instead if she decides something, give her time to share it with others.

  1. Lots of tips and advices:

Experiencing the journey of pregnancy is wonderful, but sometimes you feel low, especially when people give you some different advices for your pregnancy, which definitely puts you in confusion and may make you hyper. One thing you must know that what is good for others may not work out for you because the pregnancy depends on the various matters, so follow only your gynecologist advices and ignore others.

  1. The comments on the size is very disturbing:

During pregnancy, you look fat and it is very common at this time, but it gets irritating when people pass command that your tummy looks so big or when they say are you sure it does not have twins. These passing comments are simply unnecessary, but people cannot restrain themselves to do this.

  1. The conversation about having a boy or girl:

Some old women may give you the suggestion that you are looking beautiful so you must have a boy/girl, but there no science behind it. They just say that nonsense for their fun and nothing else. Don’t overact against it and simply ignore this. It is no denying that these things may make you hyper, but you need to control yourself.

  1. For a second time mother, discussing age gaps is irritating:

Saying it is too early and so late to the second time pregnant woman is something that makes her irritating. Stop yourself passing such baseless commands, especially when it is not necessary.

  1. Asking her to deliver on holidays:

A woman has no control over delivering a baby, so there is no need to say to deliver the baby as one’s wish. If your close ones it is very common in these days, then they are wrong; rather it causes nervousness to her.

  1. Advising her to sleep well now :

The advices regarding the sleep for the pregnant women seem they cannot sleep well in the post-pregnancy due to the pressure of handing a baby. So, stop making such comments.

  1. Talk about the age of a pregnant woman:

This is another thing that disturbs a mood of the pregnant women is saying you are too young or too old for the child. It is nothing but hurts them, so don’t day something like that.

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