5 Interesting Pregnancy Milestones Not Given in Books

Interesting Pregnancy Milestones

When you are expecting a baby, reading books to know what all happens during this 9 month long phase is quite a common thing to do. All these books have a lot to say but this article talks about 5 interesting pregnancy milestones which have not been mentioned in any books. These are some secrets which no lady has already been through this phase will tell you. So let us find out what are these 5 pregnancy milestones which you must know and no one else will ever tell you.

1. One Fine Day When You Wake Up and Its All Fine

We all know that they first 2-3 months of the pregnancy are very difficult to manage. Morning sickness and loss of appetite are some discomforts which every mother-to-be has to face. This is the time when you don’t feel like eating any of your favorite dishes. Every morning you wake up with an urge to vomit. But don’t worry as one fine you will get up and everything will be just fine and normal. Surprised??? Oh yes and happy too!!!! You will be back to normal enjoying your favorite food. This is one of the most important pregnancy milestones which tells that morning sickness mostly happens during the first trimester and then you are back to normal status when your appetite resumes and start enjoying food.

2. When You Run Away From Your Own Ass Bomb

Yes, son you will experience a time when you will run away from your own fart. It is quite common to have gastric troubles when you are expecting a baby. And sometimes constipation makes it all the more difficult to handle. Soon you will realize that you are running away from your own ass bomb. Soon you will find yourself cracking jokes and playing pranks about your own fart as this is the best way to deal with them. Good humor will surely help you manage the show.

3. One Fine Day You Will Wear Maternity Jeans for Their Amazing Comfort

Till this date you had never imagined yourself in those bad boys baggy pants and jeans but when you are pregnant you will reach to a point when you will enjoying wearing those fashion disaster trousers because they are so comfortable and come with the greatest freedom you wish to have in your outfit. Now you can breathe with ease and say goodbye to all the maternity discomfort. This sounds really funny but the fact is that you will fall in love with these boring yet truly easy maternity pants which have been designed with great comfort and ease of dressing for expecting mothers.

4. Finally You Need Some Help to Put on Your Shoes

Gone will be the days when you were on your own. With due date approaching and your belly growing bigger in size, you will need your husband’s help to make you wear your shoes. It is finally the time to enjoy the Cinderella kind of feel. Let your help you slip into your favorite shoes and enjoy his care and love with a smile. If you don’t have your husband around then you can always ask your sister or family to help you wear your shoes.

5. Those Moments of Social Awkwardness

Another pregnancy milestone in a woman’s life is experiencing those moments of social awkwardness when you are out in a mall to shop or you are boarding a train or bus or any other social appearance you make. You will be experiencing some people offering you help or some others forcing the rest of the people to help you in small things. Well, at heart you will be feeling happy for their small gestures that come as a big relief to you.

These are some of the pregnancy milestones which are not included in any of the books talking about pregnancy. So experience them yourself when you are having a baby.

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