5 Things You Can Give Excuses Of Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Excuse

During your pregnancy, you experience lots of things for the first time and you definitely enjoy those things throughout your nine-month journey. Though some are irritating, but some experiences are so special that you cannot forget in your life. Along with this, your pregnancy comes with another thing that is you are free to give excuses of your pregnancy and people surround, you never mind in it, instead you are excused those situations easily which you hate or forget. It is continued throughout your nine-month long journey. Here the content deals such 5 situations where you can give the excuses of your pregnancy.

1. Give excuses of your pregnancy mind:

If you forget anything, just blame it on your pregnancy and you are easily excused. It is another advantage that you have during your pregnancy and even if you misplace something important, you can just say it happens due to the pregnancy brain. If you forget to call someone or if you forget any appointment, excuse of pregnancy is handy. During your pregnancy, you start forgetting things and if it has disadvantages, it has advantages as well.

2. Eat anything you like giving excuse of your pregnancy:

Order anything you want without being worried about what others say, because everyone knows you would like to eat which your body needs. No matter about the quantity, you can eat everything you want, but go for healthy options like salad or healthy foods which are good for your baby. Even you can fulfill your weird wish by your husband, because this is normal in your pregnancy.

3. Everyone support or help you:

Be it a stranger or your close one, everyone helps you in your work due to your pregnancy, because no one wants you to see carry a thing or waiting in a long queue for something. Everyone lets you finish your work first, even they are waiting for the one to two hours. At a restaurant too, they also try to serve you as early as possible. It is the best advantage that you can get during your pregnancy.

4. You can say no to any invitation which you don’t like:

If you are in a mood to enjoy a party or any invitation, then you can give a simple excuse of your pregnancy without hurting anyone. Don’t you think it is good? If you feel bored, you can leave any function without explaining thousand reasons. Apart from some unhealthy habits of pregnancy, these are the coolest one where you can enjoy your freedom. These are good things during your pregnancy.

5. Simple physical activities are enough for you:

Before pregnancy, you may follow a strict workout plan to keep yourself healthy and fit, but after getting pregnant, you no need to follow those activates, though simple physical activities are enough for you. The time is more about your relaxation and rest, so you can enjoy your time doing nothing important. Just give an excuse of your pregnancy and no one dare to ask any question to you. Use this advantage and do whatever you want.

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