Things That One Must Know About Pregnancy and Delivery

When you are expecting or you have some of your dear ones expecting then reading about things related with pregnancy and delivery is quite a common thing to do. We all are born with curious minds and with something like having kids, we want to know the best we can about details related with pregnancy and what all happens during the 9 months phase and when you actually deliver a child.

Well internet is loaded with lots of information about it. There are inputs from parents, doctors, parenting groups and various other groups of people who are keen on sharing different kinds of inputs about it which are really interesting to read and also very helpful.

There is no guarantee of pain relief

Don’t assume that you will instantly feel the pain gone when you will be treated with anesthesia. Sometimes it doesn’t work because of subjective woman’s anatomy because of which the medicine doesn’t spread and hence you may have to suffer in pain. So don’t just depend on the pain reliever because not all women are lucky to experience it pacify.

There may be lots of pushing

Just don’t presume that you will get done with a few pushes. This episode of pushing can be really very long which can last for two hours or even longer. For the women who are having their first baby, pushing can exceed up to longer hours. So don’t lose your mind and patience when you are in the situation as it normal. All you need to do it keep taking deep breathes and keep pushing.

There will be lots of people peeping between your legs

Yes that is true!!! If it is a bigger hospital in which you are delivering your baby, you must be ready to experience a doctor along with two nurses and several medical residents and midwife peeping between your legs till the time the baby doesn’t come out. There is nothing to get embarrassed about and you will be in no sense to feel shy about it as your concentration will be on delivering the baby.

You might really poop

There are chances that while pushing the baby; you may end up doing poop in front of lots of people. Don’t worry as it is quite normal. Even doctors say that it is the right thing to do. So during the pushes, if you feel the urge to answer the nature’s call, it is just fine. And in the midst of everything, you will not even realize that you need to feel awkward.

If you undergo C-section then be ready for the catheter

If you have a C-section, doctors insert a catheter in your bladder so that your bladder stays empty and the urine output can be measured regularly. Moreover, you cannot get up that easily every now and them to pass urine in the bathroom.

Breastfeeding can be painful

It is not necessary that breastfeeding is going to hurt. It is kind of subjective but mostly women find it a little painful and hurting. There is no problem with that. Your body is learning new things and surely it is going to hurt in the start and then things will normalize with time.

These are some of the points that women want to know about pregnancy and delivery. It is important to become a little aware about them so that you are mentally prepared for things in advance.

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