5 Best Memory Boosting Foods for Kids During Exams

kids Memory Boosting foods during Exams India

Exams are the times when you need to keep your brains in a super active mode so that you can focus on your studies without getting bothered. Exam time involves children to stay at charged mentally and physically so that whatever they are studying, they are able to understand it and also retain it and recall it while writing their exam. This is also the time when children find themselves stressed out because of too much of studies which sometime leave them drained mentally.

In such a scenario, as a mother, you must take special care of what they eat as consuming healthy and effective foods during examination time. It is important for moms to include foods that are effective in boosting memory amongst children and help them learn and retain what they have studied in a better way. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a list of some of the most amazing foods for kids to have during their exam time to make sure they stay healthy and mentally active.


Milk kids during Exams

Milk and products made using milk like cheese, yogurt etc. are very much recommended to be included in diet of children during exams as these foods are rich in nutrients like calcium, magnesium etc. which are effective in enhancing activity of brains, supporting creative thinking and increasing the span of attention. Milk can be served to children in different formats to make sure that they don’t get bored of milk and they can study better.

Green Vegetables

Kids healthy Green Vegetables

Another important thing to include in your child’s diet during exams are green leafy vegetables like spring onions, spinach, methi etc. along with other healthy green vegetables like broccoli which are very good for blood and blood circulation in the body. These vegetables are helpful in keeping brain charged by supplying healthy amount of oxygen which ensures the best of mental alertness.


Kids best Fruits

You cannot miss fruits from the diet of your child, especially when he is busy preparing for his exams. Go with fruits like apples, custard apples, bananas etc. which are known to have high contents of nutrients which promise mental alertness by ensuring a healthy nervous system. Fruits are a source of natural sugar which acts as a natural fuel not just for their brains but also for their body.


Healthy Nuts

You can also include in your child’s diet a few of nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashewnuts etc. which are known to have high contents of copper, manganese, magnesium etc. which promise great energy. With these nuts, you can make sure that your kid has good nervous functioning and high brain function which help him study without any mental stress or difficulties.


children healthy diet Seafood

As we know that seafood makes a very healthy diet for children. Not only this, having it in diet of your kid during examination time ensures a regular supply of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids which are very helpful in keeping your child active on mental front. Seafood is also known to aid in healthy mental development of growing children.

Lots of Water

kids drinking Water

We have often seen that children miss on drinking enough water as they are occupied with studies and because of this they are unable to keep their system hydrated. To make sure that their water intake is good while they are studying, you must include in their diet water in form of different kinds of liquids which can be juices, butter milk, lemonade or simply water. Meeting the water requirement of their body will always help them stay active. Especially during summers, children forget that they have to drink water until and unless their system demands. So don’t let that happen.

These are some of the foods that directly or indirectly help children when they have their exams but supporting them learn better and retain better. With the right food, you can always keep your child’s brain and body healthy and active. So in his next exams, make sure that you are proactive with designing a complete meal for him.

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