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Best Brand Of Diapers For Newborns Baby In India

India’s market is flooded with many brands of diapers and each one comes with the promise of giving the best quality. Though it is difficult to say which one is the best among them, but if you know your preferences, then choosing the best brand will be easy for you. When you go for buying diapers for your baby, you should not compromise with the quality and the durability. The most common problem attached with the diapers is leaking issue, but it depends on your baby, which one will be for him/her. Many brands come into this business and some of them are quite good for your child in terms of its comfort level and the features. Here some best brands are given, which are very popular in India.


This brand comes with different ranges and different features and all of which satisfy your needs. It is very popular in the Indian market for its dryness and comfort. You can find different types as per your choice. Pampers New Baby and Pampers Active Boy are some varieties under this brand.


  • Absorbency throughout the night.
  • Extra dry layer for the dryness.
  • Added baby lotion with Aloe Vera to protect your baby’s skin.
  • Soft cloth and it fits for your baby.


It is another brand of India and the choice of many mothers for their babies as it comes with the dryness and air flow feature. You can find different ranges of diapers under this brand and you can choose which one fits your baby and it also protects your baby’s skin from the rashes. There are many types of diapers available, including Huggies Wander Pants, Total Protection, Huggies Dry and each one is separated based on its features.


  • Speed dry layer of the diapers keeps your baby’s skin dry.
  • It comes with the lick lock system, which prevents leakage.
  • It gives your baby comfort to wear and it has a great system of airflow.

Mamy Poko Pants

Mamy Poko Pants fist brings the pant style diapers in the Indian’s market and it does not come with tape system, instead it has elastic without causing harm to your baby’s soft skin. It gives you the rashes free advantage and like other diapers, it also promises you of no leakage and the extra dryness. You can get different ranges of diapers and it also claims that it has the varieties as per your baby’s developments.


  • It comes with soft elastic waist band that fits your baby and does not make any harm to your skin.
  • It has a good absorption quality and keeps your baby’s skin dry all through the night.
  • It prevents leakage and gives your baby a peaceful night.

Libero Baby Diapers

It is another diaper brand, which is available in India. It comes with some best features, which you are looking for. Its airy cloth gives your baby the comfort and it also prevents the rashes. There are many ranges are available and you can choose as per your needs. This diaper comes with a good absorption quality and is made with a quality material that keeps your baby’s skin rashes free. Other than this, it is made of some natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, vitamin E and olive oil to protect your baby’s skin.


  • It comes with soft and thin material.
  • Maintains a good air flow.
  • It prevents the leakage issue and it is also moisturizing your baby’s skin.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson &Johnson is a famous brand in India providing child care products. The diapers are skin friendly and give your baby the best protection from the skin rashes and irritation. The brand is very trusted among the mothers and that is why it is very popular.


  • Comes with good absorbent quality.
  • It is made of skin friendly materials.
  • It also moisturizes your baby’s skin.
  • Gives your baby comfort to wear.

Mee Mee Diapers

Mee Mee diaper is another brand of India and it gives you many advantages in protecting your baby’s skin. The breathable feature is the best that grab many people’s attention. It does not interrupt your baby’s playful nature and your baby can do whatever he/she wants without worry of leakage. The skin friendly material also keeps your baby away from the irritation and rashes.


  • The materials of the diapers protect your baby’s sensitive skin from rashes.
  • It comes with leak lock benefits that prevent leakage problem.
  • It is made of breathable fabric.

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