Everything You Need To Know About Potty Training Kids in 3 Days

Potty training is an important part of training your child to do simple, mundane things but it is surely not so easy. But with right steps and clear understanding, you have all the room to achieve this training target with ease. While doing that you must remember that if your child has special needs, then be prepared for delays.

As parents various questions bother us. When to start with potty training? How to potty train the baby? When is the right age to start with potty training? And many more….. Well, to find answers to all these questions, go through this post which has everything you need to potty train your baby in just 3 days.

How to Know If Your Kid is Ready for Potty Training

Here are a few signs that you need to watch for, in order to decide whether it is time to potty train your baby or not. Here are these signs that can be of help to you:

  • There is a bowel cycle that has developed for your child.
  • The diaper stays dry through the night.
  • During day, diaper doesn’t get wet for roughly two hours in a go.
  • Child can communicate his urge to use the washroom.
  • Your child is happy to cooperate.
  • Your child shows interest in doing things himself.
  • He or she can get to and from the toilet all by his own self.
  • Your child can sit on the potty for a couple of minutes without assistance.
  • He or she can wear and remove pants independently etc.

Usually kids between two to three years of age start showing these signs which are very helpful for parents to know that it is time to start!!!

Tips to Potty Train Your Child

Here are some tips which are a big help to begin the potty training for your little one.

  1. Tell your kid that you will be potty training him or her. This involves you telling your child everything that you are doing and why are you doing so.
  2. Introduce him to the toilet. Yes, it might sound weird but then you need to tell your child about the flush, to wash hands after using the toilet and what toilets are for. It is a way of developing their interest in toilet.
  3. Remove diaper during potty training.
  4. Start with lots of fluids on the day you begin the training. This is essential as it will help your kid understand everything about using the toilet and will also ensure smooth bowels.
  5. Tell your kid to use the toilet after every hour. This will always keep the baby aware of the potty and as soon as he will feel the need, he will communicate it to you.
  6. Don’t take too long to transfer your kid from small potty seat to the real one. Initially, it is good idea to begin with this seat that sits on the floor and quickly take him to the next level so that he completely understands what are toilets for and are they used.
  7. To help your child balance on potty sear, offer your support as this will him feel comfortable. Don’t let any fear develop inside him of falling off the seat.
  8. Don’t miss on praising your baby when he has successfully used the potty. You have to pamper him and appreciate it to make sure that he does it better the next time.

With these potty training tips, you can surely make this difficult task a very comfortable one for you and your child. Use these tips to train your little one within three days.

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