Easy Ways To Avoid Sleeping During Exam Times

It is very common to fall asleep while preparing for exams as your brain stresses out while preparing for exams. But you cannot just afford falling asleep during exam times as you have too much to prepare. So to help you fight with situations, we have come up with some amazing ideas which are very effective in controlling sleep and staying awake to study without any issues…..

Always Keep The Lights On

Don’t switch off the lights of your room while studying. If you just turn on the lights on the table lights and room lights are off then you tend to fall asleep as the ambiance of the room feels much cozier and more comfortable. So to avoid sleep, always keep the lights on!!!

Never Lie on Bed and Study

Always sit upright and study. Your position while studying plays an important role in your mental alertness. Chances of falling asleep while lying and studying are always higher.

Don’t Exert Yourself Physically

If you will involve yourself in too much of physical work then you will obviously get tired and you will obviously feel sleepy while studying. Keep yourself away from too much of work as it will drain you off your energy and you will feel sleepy while studying.

Keep Your Meals Light

If you will eat a heavy meal, you will automatically feel lazy. Therefore, if you wish to stay active and awake then you are suppose to be eating things which are light. Also make sure that you don’t stay on empty stomach for too long as this will again be a distraction for you. Eat healthy snacks. Eat less. Eat fruits and you will always stay charged.

Drink Lots of Water

When you are sleepy, have glass or two of water and you will find your system hydrated and all your sleep will be gone.  Whether you wish to study early morning or you wish to study late at night, begin your studies with a glass of water to feel fresh and active.

Keep Easy Things to Study at Night

At night, we all feel sleepy and if you have saved difficult topics for night then you will find them difficult to study and nothing will go into your head. So the ideal thing to do is to keep simple things for night and to finish difficult things in the morning so that you can easily study them and remember them without getting worried or annoyed at late hours.

Go for Afternoon Nap

As you have to study till late, it is good that you take a nap during afternoon. This will help you charge and will help you stay fresh when you are up for studies at night.

Move Around and Study

If you are sleepy then don’t sit at one place and study. Rather, move around and study as this will help you get involved in an activity which will very effectively leave no room for you to sleep. This is the best way to kill sleep instantly.

Music Break

To break the monotony of studies and to give your mind a break, it is always good to take a music break. Listen to some energetic tracks which will kill all the sleep that is hovering you. Music works as a great therapy which helps you ease your mind and freshen it up.

Use these wonderful tips to keep a control over your sleep so that you can study without any tensions of falling asleep.

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