Perfect Diaper Pail in India: An Expert Buyers Guide

Best Diaper Pail in India Expert Buyers Guide

Baby diapers smell bad and diaper pails are the perfect ways to keep your home free from the awful smell of the dirty nappies. If you are not aware about what these diaper pails are, how to find the right ones and many other questions that have popped up inside your head, then this post promises to clear them all.

Diaper pails are containers that are designed to put used cloth diapers until they are dealt with. Find out how to have a perfect diaper pail for your house in India and keep your ambiance free from bad smell of stinking nappies.

Types of Best Diaper Pails

The Indian market offers two kinds of diaper pails. They are:

Dry Diaper Pail

Baby Dry Diaper Pail It resembles a trash can. They can be used for cloth or disposable diapers. They are used with a liner. They do not have standing water. You are suppose to scrape out or scratch the cloth diapers before throwing them in the pail. It is very easy to lift and move. It is a safer choice compared to the wet counterparts. You are required to deodorize them from time to time. They may cause staining on the cloth.

Wet Diaper Pail

baby Wet Diaper PailThey are used for cloth diapers only. They are filled with water. The cloth diaper is soaked in water until it is washed. You can add baking soda or white vinegar to prevent foul smell and staining. They help remove stains as cloth is soaked in water before wash. Difficult to life because of water and is very messy to use if the water spills. You are required to treat water as and when needed.

Best Choice: Wet/Dry Combo Pail

Best Wet Dry Combo PailThe best idea is to first rinse the cloth diaper with water in a sink and then place it in dry diaper pail. You can also add baking soda or white vinegar to prevent smell and stain. This is a combo which you can create a home by blending the advantages of the above mentioned choices.

Important Features While Buying Diaper Pails

Here are some of the points that demand attention while purchasing diaper pails.

Odor Prevention System

There are different systems used by diaper pails to contain odors. Scented diaper pail liners to regular deodorizing to air filters; there are different systems. You can select any of these depending upon your personal ease.

Safety for Children

You must shop for a diaper pail that comes with a child proof lid so that no accident takes place. You never know when your baby crawls up to it and creates a mess out of it or just hurts his own self. Always make sure that the lid is not easy for the child to open. You can go with a pail with foot pedal which makes it so convenient for you to use it and also keeps your child safe from opening it.

Capacity of the Pail

You must know the capacity of the diaper pail. If it is too small then you will be required to empty it every day which is such a task. Going with the very large ones can make the diaper all the more smellier and difficult to wash. It is a good choice if you have twins. And as your baby grows, he will wear bigger diapers which will require more space. So select the right size after understanding your needs.


This is another point to consider while purchasing a diaper pail. The prices depend upon features. If you are looking for a reasonable deal then you will have to compromise with fewer features.

Now you have good knowledge on diaper pail and you are all set to purchase a good one to keep your home free from nappy odor.

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